Your Book, Biz & SEO


Greetings Friends!

One of the (new) jobs for an aspiring writer or entrepreneur is figuring out how to find your community, tribe, or audience in the cyber world–pick which ever description works best for you.  If they can’t find you, you’re as good as dead before the game even begins.  As tempting as it is to say the hunger games…I won’t.  Okay, moving right along…

Anyway, we have apparently become a search engine optimized planet.  If my toe bothers me I can look up symptoms, holistic alternatives to pharmaceuticals and who (in my local area) can treat my affliction.  Which is very cool–and also where your work begins.

When you’re choosing that start up or catchy book title (and subject)–look it up.  You can use Google adwords or keywordspy to find out how many people want what you desire to offer.  If people aren’t snapping up your goods it’s probably one of a few reasons:

  • Your numbers are low for number of people searching (per month) on your topic
  • Your site name doesn’t include a power keyword (or two or three)–remember to speak the language of your audience so that they can find you (in blogs, on your site, ezines, etc.).  They are looking for you, so don’t make it hard for them to find you!
  • You may still be in a building phase–it can take a couple of years to build up sufficient numbers of people who follow you (yes, patience is required) before you have a knock out launch or can convince that literary agent to sign you.  But there are other things you can do…like join forces with other entrepreneurs and share your audiences.  You can also look for places where your tribe hangs out in the real world–if you’re a beauty blogger you might want to hold a workshop at a local mall, for example, (be sure to advertise sufficiently beforehand). Meetups in the real word are popular!
  • Once you find your tribe, use social media tools to help you bring your tribe great content on an ongoing basis–and here are some great ones to help you do just that

Search engine optimization is the way business gets done now, take advantage of it so that you can sell that book proposal, fill your coaching programs and sell your products.  That’s why you went into business, right (or stayed up late to write that book)?  And if you’re still feeling stuck, check out my resources page for tools to help you get out of your rut!

Rich Blessings!




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