I am an Entrepreneurial Geek

Greetings Friends!

I have spent the majority of the day rolling through emails, YouTube videos and PDF’s hunting for new shiny toys to play with.  It was with a bit of dismay and shock that I realized I was up so late doing something that–OMG, I enjoy!  No wonder I didn’t go to bed!  I am a modern hunter-gatherer with OCD tendencies fueled by the need to find better ways to tweet, have my Facebook posts actually show up for the people who asked to see them and last, but not least–bring all of you new ways to do your thing faster.  Okay, I admit it, I’m weird–but for me this is–well, fun.

Last Tuesday I finished my writing by 5:00 PM–I was so proud of me; this week I didn’t even get close to that.  Oh well, it was worth it, I learned about several new things that can help me with my social media and blog content requirements.  And I hope you find some of them useful too!  So without further ado…

Need more content?  Try the online version of Hootsuite; while I couldn’t get by without my iPhone version (trust me, when it crashed a month ago and I was without it for a week, I learned how sadly true that statement is), I create new streams for the variety of topics I blog about or that my followers might find helpful; I can pick interesting pieces to retweet and fill my Twitter feed for days–and they have added a feature that picks the best time to send out your tweets!  http://hootsuite.com/

Try using Buffer to schedule out a weeks worth of posts on Facebook or Twitter.  This is a great tool for those times on Facebook when you find lots of great things you’d like to share, but don’t want to overwhelm your audience.  There is a premium version for most of these tools, but you don’t have to break the bank or your budget.  I find the free versions work well enough for my needs, at least for now.  You can add a Buffer app to your browser or Facebook page and add content directly to your feed stream (my inner geek is extremely pleased with this):  http://bufferapp.com

Tweriod takes buffer to a whole other level by evaluating your peek times for sending out tweets.  The social media game is refining itself by the second.  So now you can not only tweet, but you can do so at peek hours, when more of your followers have a chance of reading your posts:  http://www.tweriod.com/

And last, but not least, my favorite new shiny thing is AllTop; created by Guy Kawasaki, this tool literally allows you to gather input from all over the internet on subjects of interest to you (or your followers).  You can go through the various topics and feed the information into Hootsuite, Buffer or Twitter and fill up your social media streams without breaking a sweat.  That definitely works for me.  Check out my AllTop page here:  http://my.alltop.com/msdeem9

They say if your work is something you love, you’ll never work again.  I may not be there yet, but I’m pretty darn close!  I hope some of these new tools help you get closer to ‘never working again’ too.

Rich Blessings!



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