Entrepreneur of the Month

Connie Jones-Steward

Connie Jones-Steward Interview


Greetings Friends!

I am proud to feature Connie Jones Steward as the September 2012 Entrepreneur of the month.  Connie is a healer and wedding officiant in the greater Los Angeles, California area who shares her journey as an entrepreneur with us.  You can learn more about Connie and her services at her website http://www.aritetocelebrate.com/.   Click the link above to hear my interview with Connie.

It is my hope that not only can we learn from those that I interview, but perhaps we, as a community, can offer solutions to some of the challenges our entrepreneurs put forward.  This will be an ongoing feature for this blog along with a monthly book of the month.  As entrepreneurs, school will never be out; we will always have new things to learn, so why not learn from one another?

Success–especially financial success as an entrepreneur, is a greatly coveted goal, but once it happens how will you handle your new found wealth?  There are a lot of potential ‘money pits’ or ‘do-dads’ you can buy once you acquire your wealth, but I recommend you acquire a degree of financial literacy before the money shows up.  To that end I’m recommending a book called The Conspiracy of the Rich; it shares the history of the banking industry in a way that will assist you as an entrepreneur to better understand what is happening globally (as well as in your respective home country); avoid money pits and disastrous financial choices by educating yourself.  This book is an excellent start; it’s an eye opener–I guarantee you that!

Would you like to be a featured entrepreneur of the month on the LAGirl13 blog?  Just leave a comment below letting me know and then click the link above to enjoy this month’s interview.

Rich Blessings!


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