Entrepreneur of the Month October 2012

Pip Miller



Greetings Friends!

It’s already time for a new Entrepreneur of the Month!  Meet Pip Miller, an energy healer who hails from the southwest United States.  Intuitive insights led her to this career field and you can listen in on what Pip’s entrepreneurial journey has been like by clicking the link above.  If you’d like to learn more about Pip or her services, visit her at her site here.

This month’s recommended read is called The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow A Remarkable Business in Any Field, by Mike Michalowicz.  Mr. Michalowicz is wildy irreverant–so if irreverent humor offends you, this isn’t the book for you.  I found it to be jam packed with great strategies, a quick and fun read–and I highly recommend it and its strategies to you.  This is a book that would be great for new entrepreneurs or those who have been in business for awhile, but are stuck and need insights to get their businesses moving, rapidly, toward success.

Don’t forget to check out the resources page on this site for products I recommend for the up and coming entrepreneur–and for this month in particularly, the tools from Think Right Now.  Mindset is a major part of your tool kit for success and if you shy away from stating your prices or fear public speaking you may well find the tools Mike Brescia has put together very powerful.  Think like a leader–the easiest way to do that is hear what successful people say to themselves and Mike has taken the hard work out of that equation for you–all you have to do is listen.  You can check it out here (affiliate link).

Welcome to the beginning of October, we’re off to a great start.  Here’s to your success!


Pip Miller

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