Business 2013; Go Big?



“Come to the edge,” he said.

They said: “We are afraid.”

“Come to the edge.” he said.

They came. He pushed them and they flew.” Guillaume Apollinaire

Greetings Friends!

The last couple of weeks have taught me something huge about possibilities for success.   Due to a series of unfortunate events I find myself in Los Angeles without a car–probably for another couple of weeks.  The interesting thing about it is suddenly I can be up at 4:00 AM–something I couldn’t seem to do previously (despite big plans for getting in shape this year).  With public transportation being my only option now, I’m out of bed and up and at ’em in a way that probably could have made a big difference in how things were getting done in my life.  So, I ask you–where are you playing small?  How could you do more and see better results in your business this year?  Chances are you aren’t playing all out to achieve the success of your dreams.

The internet is a fabulous tool, but you might want to think in terms of what you can do in an old school way.  A newsletter that you put out in your local neighborhood or business cards and flyers in local establishments might produce clients in your own backyard (so to speak).  And if what you do is a healing practice of some sort, you might ask local churches if you can put on a small workshop for a small fee (Unity churches in particular seem to be open to this type of thing).

Playing big in 2013 may look quite different for you and your business needs in 2013 than what the business gurus are suggesting, particularly if you are relatively new or a small outfit at the moment.  This may be the year of the video, but not if your budget or your shyness tell you to look for ways that work for you and your resources.  I’d also say don’t get sucked into what others tell you is their program for success; maybe they can do it in a few hours a day, but how long have they been in business (and even more importantly, how long have you been in business)?  Let your success evolve in a way that works for you; don’t bludgeon your bank account, but do try business modalities that stretch you a bit this year.

Speaking of stretching, if your goals are big this year and you find yourself not taking effective action on a regular basis I’d like to help.  I have nine spaces left in my free coaching program.  When I say free, I mean free.  There is no cost to you.  Paying it forward is the way I intend to help those who have lost jobs or who are grossly underpaid get back on their feet.  If you’d like to be one of the nine you can go here to fill out an application.   Those of you who aren’t among the nine chosen will still receive a free session with me, so you have nothing to lose by signing up.

When all is said and done, we humans are creatures of habit and if your business isn’t soaring you needs some new habits.  It’s time to come to the edge.

Rich Blessings!


Copyright 2013.  All rights reserved.


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