Business Failure; How to Cope

Both in my own business life and in my work as a business coach I find the biggest challenge we bump up against is coping with fear.  How do you get yourself to open that conversation with a stranger (who may or may not be open to your services)?  How do you handle the insecurity that comes from not having an employer–of being the sole source of one’s financial well being as an entrepreneur?  Take a listen, Jonathan Fields speaks to the risk and fears of this brave new world, the world of entrepreneurship.

Rich Blessings!


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2 thoughts on “Business Failure; How to Cope

  1. As an entrepreneur, I’ve definitely experienced these same fears and insecurities. I’m fortunate to be going strong now and to have found a stead pace for my work, but I know there will still be bumps in the future. Great advice!

    • I think fear of the unknown is almost a Universally experienced phenomenon for entrepreneurs–which I suspect is what causes many people to stay in ill fitting jobs. As more people share their experiences–and their victories, perhaps more people will have the courage to pursue their dreams. Thanks so much Stephanie for sharing your experiences with us!

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