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I hate tax time, what about you?  I’m also not the most organized person on the planet–at least not naturally.  I have found that it’s absolutely necessary for me to have systems for the things I need to do in my business–especially for the things I don’t like doing.  I’ve already written about how important your tax prep is going to be for 2012; if you missed that blog, you can catch it here.  Take the time to get yourself set up for success from the start and save yourself the hassle of getting caught unprepared.

If you’re like me, you may want to procrastinate, especially on tasks that aren’t familiar, are intimidating or boring–this is where systems can be a big help.  If I know I’m likely to toss my receipts in an odd place, that’s an area where I must develop some simple systems in order to avert catastrophe at a later date.

Some systems you’ll want to have in place for your business include:

  • Know what projects you’re launching in the next 30-60 days.  Work far enough out that you don’t have to sweat bullets over a promised launch date.   Keep a project calendar for product/program launches as well as for your blog.
  • Hire out the low priority tasks so that you’re focused on money making activities.  You say you can’t afford a VA?  Hire your son or daughter or a college student and be very precise about what you want done, when it is due and the level of quality you expect.
  • Deal early with the things that irritate you (like planning for tax season) and file things appropriately.  You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.
  • Scan the web for hot tips on system development like the video above; it can save you time and energy to learn from someone else and cost very little!
  • Make plans early in the game for when you want to bring on an assistant.  Keep your focus on the money making activities in your business and let those things that aren’t your expertise be taken care of by your team–even if it’s just you an assistant.

The business of running your business can be exhausting.  Don’t let your business devolve into a job; get organized, develop business systems and save yourself the frustration that comes from not being willing to work your business like a big business from the beginning.

I will be opening up spaces in my coaching practice in a few short weeks; if you’re ready to take your business to the next level and you’d  like to get on the waiting list, now’s the time–availability is limited; you can sign up here.  And best wishes for a headache free tax season.

Rich Blessings!


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