Finding Your Business’ Sweet Spot



A tale of two business owners…

Allison is a very dedicated Reiki practitioner.  She took her Reiki attunements from a well known and highly regarded Reiki Master and decided that she wanted to open up a healing practice.  Not having very much money to start her practice, Allison decided to join forces with a classmate from her Reiki training class.  They shared the rent and other expenses for a small space and slowly Allison began to gather a few fans for her practice.

As the months rolled by, Allison became frustrated that her efforts weren’t garnering more clients; so after doing some research online,  she opened a Facebook page and offered information to her small group of fans about health, the wonders of Reiki and energy healing in general.  Later she decided to  share her own experiences with energy healing via a blog and in small workshops; and still Allison’s business didn’t really thrive.  Her small handful of dedicated clients kept her from going out of business, but Allison couldn’t help but wonder if she had made a mistake.  She blogged, she put up posts on Facebook, she held classes and she felt in her bones that this was the right business for her…why wasn’t her practice providing the support her family so richly deserved?

Not far away lived a different woman, a new business owner named Stephanie who was an astrologer.  She had studied with well known astrologers for many years and knew her subject like the back of her hand.  Stephanie had worked in a variety of career fields before she finally decided to look into developing an astrology practice of her own; retirement was around the corner and although Stephanie had been employed most of her adult life, she knew she hadn’t any savings to speak of; in addition, she was recently divorced and after running the numbers she soberly realized a tiny pension and Social Security wasn’t going to provide the lifestyle she wanted in her later years.

After talking with some of her astrology teachers, Stephanie decided on one in particular to coach her in building her practice.  The accountability factor was a huge help to Stephanie–she committed to taking certain actions such as getting her search engine optimization research done, choosing a niche and getting a new website up and running–all of which meant backing out wasn’t an option.  Her coach would be checking with her regularly to insure she stayed on track and met the goals she had chosen for herself.

Deciding she wanted to keep it simple, Stephanie chose to host a blog and offer her services online rather than rent a space with overhead; she was pretty sure she would be able to find plenty of business women with challenges that she could help.  Needless to say, Stephanie was a bit shocked when despite her earnest and dedicated blogging efforts and her consistent social media work, her client numbers were rather disappointing.  She decided to talk to her coach about her business malaise–at which point her coach asked her again about her passions.

“I already told you,” Stephanie replied, trying to sound polite, “I like helping women like myself reinvent themselves.  I have taken a look at the numbers and I can see there are a large number of women who are entrepreneurs seeking information online each month.”

“Yes, that’s true,”  Stephanie’s coach replied, “but you’ve overlooked something I mentioned early in our work together.”

“What’s that?” Stephanie asked crisply, trying to keep her temper.

“What is that one thing you offer that reaches the largest number of those women who are online seeking help?  What is one problem, block, or challenge they have that is a perfect match for what you do?”

Stephanie sat with the question for a moment feeling irritated.  “Isn’t that the same thing as my niche?  I mean, if I know I want to work with women business owners between the ages of 30 and 50 who are frustrated in their business, isn’t that the same as what you just asked me?”

“No,” Jan replied quickly.  “Think of it this way–if I have asthma and you are a gynecologist–you’re not focused on my problem, my need.  Yes, you are a doctor and you have know how–but it’s not my specific problem that you solve.  And that means even if you’re the best doctor in the world, I am not coming to you because you don’t specialize in my unique problem.”

Stephanie sighed.

“Give it some thought Stephanie,” her coached said sympathetically.  “Somewhere between your passion, expertise and the countless number of challenges those business women have, is your business’ sweet spot.  It’s the place where your unique skills solve a unique problem–a big enough problem that you can fill your practice and make a difference in the lives of countless women.”

Stephanie thanked her coach and hung up the phone.  Why was it so hard to figure out this niche, sweet spot thing?!  After racking her brain for some time Stephanie finally decided she would give herself some time and see what came up for her.

Later in the week, while watching television, Stephanie found herself riveted to a program about a  group of young entrepreneurs who wanted funding for their enterprises.  The show was fast paced as the already successful entrepreneurs shot down the fledgling ideas of the novice business men and women.  Watching the program got Stephanie thinking about her own business quandary and she went to bed with the wheels of her mind turning her many possibilities over and over…

Upon awakening, Stephanie was quick to beat a path to her computer.  After running the numbers, Stephanie could see there were not only a lot of women entrepreneurs seeking information online–there were also a lot of people seeking to start brand new businesses!  What if her sweet spot was to use her astrological skills to help people find the best match between their interests, what was going on astrologically in general combined with what their own birth charts showed were their unique gifts?  What if she could help new entrepreneurs find their unique sweet spot?! Stephanie felt excited and couldn’t wait to check in with her coach to share her new insights, but before she had a chance to do so, she received an email from a young entrepreneur whose business was languishing…

Allison did energy work and while she had rave reviews for her work, she couldn’t seem to earn a decent living; could Stephanie help?

“I most certainly can help you–not only with narrowing in on your business’ sweet spot, but I’ll share my own insights on starting a new business–does that sound like something that might work for you?” Stephanie asked Allison.

Allison was a bit jaded by her lack of success, but she liked the sound of the phrase ‘sweet spot’.  She decided to give it a try…

Finding the sweet spot for your business may turn out to be quite a journey–that nexus where your passions meet the problems or needs of substantial numbers of people will spell the difference between a business that dies and a business that thrives!

Need some help finding your business sweet spot?  Sign up here for a free coaching session with me; no hype and no cost.

May you and your business thrive in 2013…

Rich Blessings!


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My Business Coach



Greetings Friends!

As 2012 draws to a close I think back over the year and a very special person comes to mind.  He was a great Coach, though most people wouldn’t have seen him that way.  He was quiet, determined, loving, patient and put up with my wild and wooly schedule with little reprimand.  My coach died this morning and though you might think it strange, the person I’m thinking of was my cat Sebastian.

When I was running back and forth to attend to work and business commitments I never got a lot of belly aching from him.  His joy at my return home makes me smile, as does the memory of him patiently waiting for tidbits from my plate.  Sebastian always knew what he wanted and he was willing to wait until he got it.  And if by chance you didn’t reward his patience with a tidbit, he’d try again another time.  I hope to be as committed to my goals–and as patient.

Sebastian kept things simple, and now, after his passing I find myself looking at my life to see how I might emulate this skill.  There is a lot of noise online now and it can be hard to build your business without getting caught up in the tidal wave of new ideas and tools rolling in day in and day out.  I think simplicity just might become my watch word for 2013–what will yours be?  Who in your life is silently coaching you that you can thank now, while you still have the chance?  Why not take the time to let them know how they have transformed you and your life–it is that time of year when humankind is a bit more generous, a bit more awake, which makes it an excellent time for a shout out of appreciation.

Perhaps we can keep our consciousness at this level all year long?  Hmmm…that might be an idea worth contemplating.

I know Sebastian wasn’t especially well known, but for those who had the privilege to know him, I think they’d agree he had a sweet disposition.  There are some business people out there now who scare me…and their dispositions are far from sweet.  I hope to be able to help to my clients without turning into a callous, pull up the ladder, I’m onboard kind of person–if you see what I mean.

Commitment, patience, kindness, simplicity and determination.  These were Sebastian’s key characteristics.  Some additional characteristics I hope to embody in 2013 include:

  • Being better organized–especially for tax time; have you got your 2013 business plan underway yet?
  • Narrowing my focus; do more, do it better and keep it simple.
  • Keep my priorities in sight–make time for loved ones, exercise, rest, meditation and vacations.
  • Be a blessing in the lives of others.  Give more and worry less about receiving.
  • I want to think in terms of the legacy I hope to leave behind a bit more this year too.  I may never be famous, but if I can make a positive difference in the lives of others, I think that will be pretty darn good.  How about you?
  • Inspire others to be and do their best.  And what’s the best way to do that?  Just do what I do and offer it to those I think will benefit; in the end, that’s all any of us can do anyway.

I really miss my Coach; I hope I can live up to his standards and hope his standards inspire you to really rock the New Year.  Blessings to you and yours and may you have an outstanding 2013!

Rich Blessings!


10 Tips for 2013 Business Success

Business Success 2013

Business Success 2013

Greetings Friends!

Now that the IRS is upping the ante for those engaged in home based businesses, it’s more important than ever for you to play your ‘A Game’ in 2013.  If you’ve been in business for awhile and haven’t had the success you long for, you won’t want to play around this year.  Running a business consumes your time, your energy and money–and if you don’t take it seriously, there may be no deductions for you come tax time.  I would say that’s incentive to move heaven and earth to really have your best year.

So, here are my favorite tips for having a breakout year in 2013–let’s do this!

  • Read and get inspired!  The beginning of a new year is ripe with promise, but within a matter of weeks, the enthusiasm dies out you may find yourself back in a familiar rut.  Consider reading at least one new business book per month; perhaps one of the books on my Resource page, such as the One Minute Millionaire.
  • Set a big goal for yourself, such as doubling your income or publishing your first (e)book.  What would inspire you to leap out of bed, excited to begin your day?  Who do you want to help and why?  Keep this information where you can see it, such as on your bathroom mirror, bedroom door and planner.  Get fired up!
  • Hate to sell–learn how to do it with panache.  Pick one area of your business that causes you trouble and take some classes, read up on it or get a coach to help you over your Mt. Everest of business challenges.
  • Get a plan!  A business plan that is; you will need it if you are ever audited, but it also becomes the road map for the year.  I like to work in 90 day increments.  Think in terms of your goals for the quarter:  how many clients do you want, how many products need to be  sold or subscribers to your blog do you desire during each quarter and then map that out in your planner.  Fill in your schedule for blogging, doing podcasts, webinars or teleseminars.  Hold yourself accountable so that you achieve at new levels.
  • And speaking of accountability, pick an accountability partner; someone who knows your plans,  who can offer you supportive advice and keep you from winging it or flaking.  The IRS intends for you to work your business like you mean it and that means not only having a plan, but working your plan consistently.  There’s nothing like knowing someone else is a) cheering you on and b) keeping you honest about fulfilling your goals in a timely manner.
  • Get coaching.  This is also important to the IRS.  You need to be able to demonstrate not only that you have your business strategies planned, but that you course correct when you hit a wall.  Be sure to include modifications to your business plan over the course of the year in case you’re audited.
  • Plan your vacation schedule.  Yes, you heard me right, plan your vacation schedule.  Three day weekends, two weeks at the end of the year–what is it that you require to keep yourself healthy, energized and ready for a peak performance year?  All work and no play doesn’t just make Jane or Jack dull it makes them unproductive, so get out your schedule and insure you have some rest time planned during the year.
  • Intend to have fun!  Intend to have a great adventure, intend to learn, to grow and to inspire those around you!  We live in a phenomenal time where we can blog, self-publish, create our own television channel or radio station.   The sky’s the limit–so don’t just repeat what you’ve done in the past, add some exciting new things like videos or webinars–or turn your blogs into a book.  Stretch and be prepared to wow yourself in 2013!
  • Pick a worthy cause you’d like to support and decide how much you want to donate in 2013.  Think of some awesome and inspiring peeps you can enlist in your program to help others, blog about it and get it out into the world.  Make a difference in a big way–perhaps you will inspire someone else to do the same!
  • Become financially literate; there are no advantages to being out of the loop about taxes and how businesses, large or small are effectively run.  Read (or re-read) the Cashflow Quadrant or Rich Dad, Poor Dad so you not only earn well, but manage your assets in a way that will build a secure foundation under you, your family and your business.

I hope these tips excite and encourage you to play all out.  While the changes in the tax code may appear intimidating, I think the changes can be used to inspire business owners to new heights of success.  Who knows what wonderful achievements you can accomplish in 2013?  Dream big!

Rich Blessings!


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Sobering Truths And Leadership


youtube-logo (Photo credit: www_ukberri_net)

 You have to let it all go Neo.  Fear, doubt, and disbelief ~ Morpheus

Greetings Friends!

Today I was surprised–no shocked, by some unexpected bad news.  I am an avid YouTube viewer and I’ve collected a crew of folks I follow.  It’s an African American, natural hair thing and I won’t bother you with the details, but I clicked onto YouTube only to see a familiar face crying and the words RIP on her video.  I clicked on the video to find out what had happened.  The crying YouTuber named a  young woman, a fellow YouTuber who was well known within the African American natural hair community.  I too watched her videos; in fact, I had just noted her recent Facebook post indicating she would begin her maternity leave in just five short weeks.  I was stunned and saddened and I still am.

Each of us is running a race and we all know how it ends–well we know it will end.  We may not know how or when, but each of us has a limited time here and despite that fact we dawdle, we fail to take action, we make excuses about time, fatigue or money.  But we are also the leaders–whether we know it or not.  People watch us, so whether we actually do our exercise, skip the soda, or fail to show up on the digital page to blog, others are watching.

And more importantly the clock is ticking.

The young woman I spoke of earlier (may she rest in peace) apparently died of a heart attack.  Her new born is in ICU–or was, last I heard.

So, let me ask you, what are you waiting for?  It may never come.  You may never be perfect, but you must assume the reins for your dreams and your tribe and get moving; none of us knows how long we have, so it’s important to remember you are the leader.  Do the work today–now, this moment, because this moment is all you have.  I hope you love what you do enough to move even in the scary moments–and there will be plenty of those if you’re a leader.  Your first blog, your first interview, your first tweet.  You will screw up; get over it and move on.  Patience, perseverance and vision are your best friends.  Your vision will tell you where you are headed, so make sure you’re clear about what your vision is.

Do you have a goal for this month?  How many clients or how many dollars do you intend to earn and by when?  What service do you intend to give in return for fair remuneration?  What will be your reward for doing the work, for there should always be a reward.  It sweetens the pot and makes the goal important in the now.  If you don’t have a goal, don’t worry, pick one now and get moving on it.  It’s not too late to get moving.

If your goal is filling your practice or getting more clients, I’d like to help you.  The teleconference is free and you can register here.  If you’re reading this blog you already have some dream or goal you hope to accomplish; don’t forget it.

The clock is ticking…

Rich Blessings!


Investing in You Inc.

Greetings Friends!

Yes it’s September, but I wanted to talk to you about–gasp–tax time.  Most of you probably already have some form of organized information capture with regard to income generated by your business, as well as your business expenses.  And this is perfect because as of 31 December 2012, it’s tax time baby!  I’d go so far as to say your tax person should receive a holiday gift from you before anyone else, because he or she keeps you ahead of the tax game!

Whether you use Quicken or keep a paper diary of your income and related expenses doesn’t really matter.  What I actually want to talk to you about is the step beyond that–creating a financial statement.  Robert Kiyosaki discusses this in his ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘ book, a must read for all entrepreneurs.  If you’re in business for yourself and haven’t read it, put it at the top of your To Do list today!

You may be wondering what’s the big deal?   Well, when you were in school you received a report card; that card told you, your parents, your counselors–and anyone else connected to you, how you were doing in your classes.  The main benefit of a financial statement is you get a clear sense of the truth of your income.  And here’s where it gets juicy/painful; you also find out where you’re leaking money.

The truth of the matter is, if you’re an American and you’re an employee, the tax code wasn’t built to help you.  It’s built to support businesses–often time big businesses, and that’s important because businesses create jobs, which keeps the Gross Domestic Product healthy.  But that doesn’t mean a savvy solopreneur, such as yourself, can’t take advantage of these benefits too.  This is especially true if you incorporate.  When you’re a business owner you deduct your expenses and pay your taxes from what’s left.  When you’re an employee your taxes are taken from you before you see a nickel.  Check in with your tax person and see where you stand and what they recommend you do…stat!

And all of this is a really big deal in these days of job shortages and relatively low wages, especially for women.

So, if you’re thinking that you’re not doing especially well financially or that you don’t have any investments–think again.  Your business is an investment.  Keep records of every cent you spend for your business and make sure you have that information organized for your tax person so that they don’t have a heart attack when you present that material to them.  Be nice to Mr./Ms. Tax Person; they are your new bff!

With that in mind I’d like to share with you a resource who has proven invaluable to me.  Her name is Ali Brown and she’s has put together some videos for ‘savvy, yet not wholly rolling in the dough yet’ entrepreneurs.  This is an affiliate link and I hope you find her information pertinent and empowering.

And remember to invest in You Inc.  You’re riding the wave of a brave new tomorrow as an entrepreneur.  Don’t be afraid to invest in your future success!

Rich Blessings!


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Entrepreneur of the Month

Connie Jones-Steward

Connie Jones-Steward Interview

Greetings Friends!

I am proud to feature Connie Jones Steward as the September 2012 Entrepreneur of the month.  Connie is a healer and wedding officiant in the greater Los Angeles, California area who shares her journey as an entrepreneur with us.  You can learn more about Connie and her services at her website   Click the link above to hear my interview with Connie.

It is my hope that not only can we learn from those that I interview, but perhaps we, as a community, can offer solutions to some of the challenges our entrepreneurs put forward.  This will be an ongoing feature for this blog along with a monthly book of the month.  As entrepreneurs, school will never be out; we will always have new things to learn, so why not learn from one another?

Success–especially financial success as an entrepreneur, is a greatly coveted goal, but once it happens how will you handle your new found wealth?  There are a lot of potential ‘money pits’ or ‘do-dads’ you can buy once you acquire your wealth, but I recommend you acquire a degree of financial literacy before the money shows up.  To that end I’m recommending a book called The Conspiracy of the Rich; it shares the history of the banking industry in a way that will assist you as an entrepreneur to better understand what is happening globally (as well as in your respective home country); avoid money pits and disastrous financial choices by educating yourself.  This book is an excellent start; it’s an eye opener–I guarantee you that!

Would you like to be a featured entrepreneur of the month on the LAGirl13 blog?  Just leave a comment below letting me know and then click the link above to enjoy this month’s interview.

Rich Blessings!


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Entrepreneurial Drama & Order

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Greetings Friends!

Well Mercury is no longer retrograde–or in its retrograde shadow period, so the next bit of information I share is just some of that random crap the Universal pranksters shovel out at us from time to time.  Tuesday night I was happily preparing for bed when in came a direct message from Twitter.  I had seen a  suspicious looking tweet a bit earlier in the day and before I clicked the link I wanted to check with my friend to insure she had actually sent it.  Turns out she had and the low down was that someone was using my content–in full; the perp had killed the links back to me and said nothing to me about using my work.  My friend, also an astrologer, was letting me know the 411.  To say it fried my eggs would be putting it mildly.  Two hours later I stumbled off to bed, angry and frustrated after digging online for information on how to nab the cuplrpit.  Who are these people and what the h. e. double toothpicks are they thinking– thinking being the operative word.

Well, I sent missy a terse, but what I deemed effective, cease and desist tweet–and as I suspected, received no reply.  My friend let me know this woman doesn’t respond to communications–why am I not surprised?  So I started digging around on WordPress to see what they had to say about content stealing, borrowing, scraping–whatever you want to call it.  Here is a link to the information I decided to use.  I say that because I’m not sure if the other 30 some odd astrologers/tarot readers are taking any action.  I am because, well, that’s just how I roll.  I spend a lot of time and energy looking for content and writing my astrology blog–I give it away for free, yes.  However, I don’t think you ought to cut me out of the loop and use my content in whatever way you choose.  I could lose my temper, but that would lower me to her standards; so I’ll let her host provider deal with her.

I’m happy to say that in the midst of this pre-Full Moon drama, I am still on track.  I am keeping bankers hours on my days off, using my tools to keep track of my tasks and finishing up the work for my Fall projects–woo, hoo!  I say all this because…

Sh** happens.  Keep working.

Keep an eye open for people using your content; I had Google alerts out for my name and my site, but nothing showed up.  It may be your friends who let you know someone is scraping your content–head back here and click the link to find out what to do.  Share with friends/clients as needed.

Get a routine and some support tools.  Use them like it’s part of your religion.  You can have a life and a successful business, but not if you’re messy or scattered.

Don’t forget, I have other Resources for you on the Resource page; these are affiliate links to programs I have used and liked.  Check them out and also remember to sign up for my bi-weekly ezine.  I know, one more thing in your already filled to overflowing inbox; but it’s great content delivered free, so you might as well check it out…

As for ‘Madame I will take your stuff and use it as I please’, the site is down.   I’m not going to let this kind of thing deter me or get me down–I’m considering making this my new motto.  Feel free to use it next time the Universe tosses you a curve ball!

Rich Blessings!


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Putting You First

I’ve been blogging for almost five years now.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I’m approaching a shift in the nature of my writing I hit a wall.  The words don’t flow well, the topics I want to discuss evaporate like money from my bank account on bill paying day.  It’s not a lot of fun–except that when I experience this, I now realize a new me is about to emerge.

Case in point, this blog.  I switched templates, I fiddled with its appearance, but I couldn’t quite catch the full vision.  It probably would have been apparent to someone else what all needed to be done, but I couldn’t figure it out.  That’s one of the reasons I suggest you not wait until you have it all figured it out–it’s never going to be completely figured out.  Your business, your blog, your products/services are all a work in progress.  Get in there and get dirty–and do what you can to create something powerful in the moment.

One of the most important things I learned from this last set of developments is not to do that thing we women do…I am an employee at work and a Mom at home.  I am an intuitive at the office and a business blogger on my off hours.  Put you first–all of you.  You have a wealth of experiences, from being married to being divorced, from being an intuitive to having a list of business courses you’ve taken that would ordinarily have earned you a bachelors degree.  Your business, your blog, your work, your offerings should have as much of you front and center as possible.  Why?

Because if you don’t you’re going to lose juice, passion and interest in what you’re doing.

Because if you leave parts of you out of the play, you leave part of your power behind.

Because someone needs to hear that you have had troubles too.  You know that message that says show me you’re not a spam bot before you comment on a blog?  Well, by bringing all the pieces of you to the party we know you’re real, that you’re human and that you can relate to our needs and failures.  That is how I learn to relate to you and vice versa.

So look forward to those places where the flow shuts down; it may not be fun, but you may well be on your way to a new level of experience.  And if you’d like more information on business, social media and content curation, sign up for my bi-weekly business blog!

Rich Blessings!


The Worthy Entrepreneur

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English: Jagriti Chadha, Indian Designer, Entrepreneur and Business Woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







Greetings Friends!


My ex-husband used to say if all else fails, follow directions.  For all I know, he is still saying that–and while it feels a little odd to begin a post with one of my ex’s quotes, he had a point.  Giving the devil his due, muhahahaha; he is one of the funniest people I know and the quote pertains to going back to square one and looking at the directions when something you’re working on…um, doesn’t work.  Like, you know, your business.


Most of the women I know who are in business are super women.  They have hearts the size of Texas.  They go out, earn the bacon, cook the bacon, care for the house, the kids, the bills, the husband (oh wait, that part of the program broke–scratch the husband).  And yet, their businesses are meandering.  Women are a different breed.  You cannot give us instructions that read ‘use your personal power’ and get a rise out of most of us.  We’re not wired that way.


So, some of the things we’re asked to do–like prospect for new clients–well, we’d rather take a header off a 20 story building first.  It just plain feels yucky.  You want me to do public speaking too?  Forget about it (said in my best New York accent).  And pay somebody to teach me how to operate a successful business?  I’d love to, but you see, I’m broke as heck.


I feel your pain.


There is another saying, that if you keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome, you’re nuts.  If the tire is flat, you’re just going to have to change it.


Here are some ideas:


Get some coaching.  Be prepared for a never ending journey of learning.  Free will only take you so far.


Get your PR kit together (photo, bio, etc.) and network like crazy to get some energy moving in your business.


Realize you have some money issues.  If you’ve got debt, accept that you have it (or any other issues) and forgive yourself.  You’re learning and growing; the money you earn can help you eliminate that debt you owe.


And brace yourself for this last one–it’s connected to the last one; raise your rates.  Yep, raise your rates.  We women have a hard time asking for what we need, whether from the man in our life to our clients–or to our bosses (if you still have one).  Work on getting comfortable with the idea that your services are worthy and that you are worthy.  And accept that this challenge is going to be a journey.  You were taught by a society that doesn’t value you not to value yourself.  It will take time to grow this concept within you so that it’s strong and healthy.  Oh, and guys–some of this applies to you too!


So, take a look at your business.  What’s broken, what doesn’t feel good?  Work on it today–and when all else fails, follow directions.  And don’t forget to sign up for my bi-weekly business tips.  More fuel for your business tank!


Rich Blessings!




Killing the Procrastination Monster

Oct 2011 Cover Of Social Media Woman Magazine

Oct 2011 Cover Of Social Media Woman Magazine (Photo credit: ByronNewMedia)


It’s been an interesting year.  As an astrologer, I cautioned my clients not to expect too much lift off in their pet projects until we got past the July/August Mercury retrograde.  There were a whole host of retrogrades for the first seven and a half months of 2012 and since we in the western world like to see January 1st as the starting gate for new dreams and schemes, well, it probably has been significantly underwhelming this year in the ‘major success’ category of life experience (kudos to those of you who managed to leap over the barriers to success).  That being said, I have still been chipping away at a major project…three steps forward, two steps back.  Mostly due to situations I have no control over, but also due to that friend of mine I now call the procrastination monster.  I’m no longer giving him pride of place, he gets no more capital letters from me.

It turns out that Marie Forleo’s tips were helpful, you can see her video about that here; but I still have a steep learning curve on so many aspects of my business; I’m learning I just have to get over myself and stop trying to make everything happen this minute.  I am also accepting that my learning curve is going to cause some mistakes; if you’re making an omelet folks, be prepared to break a few eggs.

So, what’s working right now?  I’m using the tips and tools I recently mentioned to be more strategic about my social media work; you know, Alltop, Hootsuite and Buffer–if you haven’t used them, you should check them out.  You can be on top of a bevy of information in your area of expertise, while cutting down on the amount of time you spend hunting for great content and doing your social media thing.  Love. That.

I am also forcing myself to work in two hour stints–otherwise I would just work all day.  I have recently realized I really love what I do–which is great, but then I have severe boundary issues (as in, I have no boundaries).  And that’s a HUGE problem if you are trying to launch something–because the amount of work for a launch is, well, huge.

So, in order to move through that experience I’m learning some new skills for project management.  Starting with the use of a lovely little thing called OmniFocus (for Macophiles); project management at my fingertips.  For those of you who like paper planners there’s always the handy, dandy Planner Pad (which I also swear by, not at);  all the hats you wear in one planner!  You can have a brain dump, appointments listed, phone numbers, strategy map all in one slim book–what’s not to love?!

And least you think that you have to figure out all the bits and pieces of a launch (Goddess forbid) all by yourself, Laura Roeder & Co provide you with some great ideas of what to have in place before that launch of yours takes off.  It may not be everything, but it’s a great place to start–just in case you have some doubts about what all is entailed in having a splendiferously perfect launch.

I realize that my success as an entrepreneur is going to be an ongoing project and I’m cool with that.  Heck, I’m exciting about that–more to learn!  And speaking of more, here’s one more shiny toy I discovered, Twylah–go get yourself one too and send me a link so I can check you out!  Cheers to all of you early adopters out there and…

Rich Blessings!