Your Big Beautiful Book Plan | Script Your Success. Stoke Your Creativity




Your Big Beautiful Book Plan | Script Your Success. Stoke Your Creativity.

I think the most powerful thing I ever heard about writing a book came from Danielle LaPorte–your book plan is to your book, what your business plan is to your business.

I have to admit I adore Ms. LaPorte; she’s brash, to the point, funny and smart as hell.  You could do far worse than take advice from her, but why would you want to?!

So, if you’re planning on writing a book this year (yes, even if it’s an e-book–no, let me rephrase that, especially if it’s an e-book), or next year, or the year after that–don’t forget your book plan!  Click the link above to find out more.

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Here comes The Poppy Spree! | Studio Margot

Here comes The Poppy Spree! | Studio Margot.

Tonight’s post is a bit lighter in focus, but something quite dear to me.

The first artist to capture my heart was Georgia O’Keefe and in particular it was her painting of red poppies that had me absolutely in love with her work.  When I learned that one of the members of Goddess Leonie’s Circle was creating a free (did I mention free) month long course on painting poppies, she had me at hello!  So, whether you’re a fabulous painter of long standing or a newb like me, you’ll want to click the link and get in on this.  Plus she  is having a give away at the end of her course!  I’m in heaven.  Click the link above and join the fun!

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Ruby 2 Shoes

One of the advantages of starting a blog and making one’s way out into the world wide web is that you meet amazing people.  And since this month’s blogs are going to include the topics of work/service, health, and caring for those we love, it’s a great time for me to share with my readers how others have taken an avocation and created work for themselves.  Today we have LAGirl13’s first guest blog done by a lady who’s art is both beautiful and inspiring.  If you’ve wondered how your artistry might lead to a way to support yourself via the web–stay tuned and learn from one who’s already getting it done!

GUEST POST – Ruby 2 Shoes



Tell us a little about you..

My name is Ruby, aka Ruby 2 Shoes.  I live in the UK with my fiancé Ian, my eleven year old princess Natasha and a little dog called Lulu.  I love vanilla coffee and I am a self-confessed chocolate addict!  I love to bake and cook and like constantly learning new things.  I enjoy old black and white films, classic books and all things Audrey Hepburn and Betty Boop! I love to be around positive people and have good belly laughs as often as possible.

I am passionate about card making and write regular posts on my blog,  I hope to inspire others to sit down and create, it’s just so much fun!

What is your card making style?

I have been trying to work out what my ‘style’ is for a while now and have come to the conclusion that I mostly do cute or elegant.  I seem to switch between the two modes.

Tell us about your creative resume

I’m currently on four design teams, The Play Date Cafe, Color Me Creative, Paper Issues and The Stamp Attic, each different in their own way.  I also run workshops at The Stamp Attic, my local craft shop.  I have been published in the UK magazine, Simply Cards and Papercraft and in CARDS magazine over in the US.  I’ve got another card being published in a UK magazine this month. I’m not very good at submitting though, I really should do that more!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Sketches, magazines, other layouts, colour. I see inspiration wherever I go, in shop windows, posters, brochures, fashion, home decor, even silly things like the colour/pattern of a tea towel or the colour of a bracelet!  I keep a little sketch book with me where I jot down ideas that I see and I also take lots of photos on my mobile phone when I’m out and about, whether it’s clothing, a picture of picnic-ware or some particular layout of writing that inspires me you will see me out with my camera.

When did you start your blog?

I started my blog in December 2008 and at first had absolutely no idea what I was doing so I bought myself a beginner’s guide to blogging book and after a bit of research I worked out how to set everything up.  I then started to slowly enter challenges and pluck up the courage to apply for a design team, since then I’ve been on a few design teams which are a whole lot of fun.

What is your favourite thing about your hobby?

With regard to the card making side it’s a place where I lose myself.  There is nothing more relaxing to me than spending time matching up papers and colours and playing with different creative ideas.

The blogging element has just added so much dimension to everything, I’ve met some wonderful people that I’m proud to say I know. It’s also helped me to develop my style and hopefully my work too. The support for your creative endeavours is so encouraging.  It really gives you a purpose to keep creating instead of just making cards and storing them in a drawer!

Right now my favourite thing is Copic colouring, it’s something I can do while sitting with my family instead of being in another room.  I’ve also started to make some little mini tag books again, something I haven’t done for a very long time.

For more samples of my work please visit my blog,



Starving Artist vs. Thriving Artist – YouTube

Starving Artist vs. Thriving Artist – YouTube.

Angie Sullins stars twice this month as a featured creative.  Let me ask you, when you think of artist, does the word starving tag along?  The western world hasn’t been all that generous with its artists and most of us would rather get a J.O.B. (just over broke) than deal with the hassles of earning money while creating our soulful art.

Click the link and see if you agree; is there is a way to be a thriving creative artist?

Rich Blessings!


Maybe you’re not a creative…yet.  I have an addiction that might just change all that and it’s called the Instagram.  Created by Jennifer Lee (of the Right Brain Business Plan book for entrepreneurs) and her husband, this is a photo app for your iPhone.  Where ever you roam you can create with just a click of a button–yay!

My photo?  My lovely adult kids and my son-in-law on vacation and visiting with me.  They look like they’re rock stars, right?  Well, to me anyway.  Click the link to learn more!

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The Artful Life | Your Place to Find Life Balance and Inspire Your Creative Soul!

The Artful Life | Your Place to Find Life Balance and Inspire Your Creative Soul!.

The last few posts have been huge, over the top, creative successes.  Maybe what you’re needing is a bit less major success and more of how to fit in your creative work between diapers and a day job.  I can appreciate that.

So today’s post is creative and accessible.  Just what the busy, modern creative needs.

Rich Blessings!


Tim Burton | LACMA

Tim Burton | LACMA.

I like to see the trajectory of people and situations and Tim Burton’s career trajectory is epic.  It wasn’t always so though and if you’re a creative–of any stripe, it’s useful to keep that in mind.  He had to begin somewhere–and so do you!

Now, if you’ve been looking for a reason to visit LA, I’ve got the ticket!  Literally.  Tim Burton’s art retrospective at LACMA is a must see if you admire his work (I do, I do!).  Click the link, get inspired, and maybe think about a Fall visit in LA.  It’ll be lots of fun!

Rich Blessings!


Kirks Folly – Believe In The Magic

Kirks Folly – Believe In The Magic.

Are you a creative artist?  Do you paint, make stained-glass windows, create dolls or jewelry?  Then this story is for you!  I learned of this jewelry making family in 1992 when my son was just a baby.  I was a lucky, stay at home Mom  who watched QVC for amusement.  And through the magic of television shopping, I happily discovered the Kirks and their fanciful jewelry.  Can I just say I was completely enchanted!

Their jewelry has sold in high end NY department stores, on television via QVC and is now available through their web portal too.  Color me smitten!

So, I ask you–how big is your dream?  Can you envision your wares being proudly sold in a NY department store?  I can!  Click the link and rub elbows with some magical, creative inspiration (and some brilliant jewelry designs to boot)!

Rich Blessings!


Here Is Tom Ford’s Fall 2011 Collection — The Cut

Here Is Tom Ford’s Fall 2011 Collection — The Cut.

Before children, before blogging, before a lot of things that consume my current life experience, I used to sew.  I’d start a project and not sleep until it was finished–such was my creative fire in my younger days.  I have to admit I was never as amazing at the whole sewing thing as the amazing Tom Ford, though.

Now, you may never own anything the man creates–fashion wise.  But can you catch a whiff of his creative genius?  And what might you do with it?  Move mountains, I suspect–click the link and check it out.

Rich Blessings!