::About Me::

 My name is Dee Morrison and I am a Lifestyle and Business Strategist and Mentor.  My first ‘real’ profession was as a military broadcaster.  Stationed overseas in Germany, I soon met my husband to be.   The marriage was a troubled one and I found comfort in studying spiritual concepts, intuitive development and astrology since I couldn’t afford conventional therapies.  I also enjoyed helping other people solve their challenges and over time I added healer to my list of skills.  After the end of my marriage I found myself struggling to support my two children and myself, so I dove deeper into my spiritual development to keep my spirits and determination up.  When I realized that I could use my skills to not only provide for my family but to assist other heart centered entrepreneurs develop businesses that gave them the life of their dreams, I felt excitement!  By helping Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, Authors and other Heart Based Entrepreneurs succeed I believe we will all truly become the change we want to see in the world!


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