Business Sharks, Saints And Success


Greetings Friends!

I tend to think there are two kinds of people in the world, people who stay within the lines (after all, the lines are our friends) and those who seek freedom.  The latter group plays host to, among other occupations, those who suit up for self owned businesses.  Being an entrepreneur can be a huge challenge to our ego though since it’s an unpredictable journey and most of us experience discomfort when we can’t pin down when or even if we will be successful in our efforts.

Let’s just say right off the bat that you should probably fasten your seat belt since success rarely happens overnight.  There is a steep learning curve to building a successful business, especially since there are so many voices in the market place now offering to assist you in taking your businesses to six or seven figures.  Let’s be honest–many of us would be happen to make any money at all, let alone six figures.  It can take years to achieve that often touted, but extremely elusive six figure success range.  So hopefully you have committed to be in it to win it rather than quitting if you don’t achieve easy (read fast) success.

I’ve noted that among the business owners I personally know or coach, some don’t seem to even realize they are in business and look for someone who has a store front or some other arrangement to carry the burden of marketing expertise.  The challenge here is that you’re indebted to someone else (who has their own interests at the forefront of all they do) and you don’t get to call your own shots.  It’s fine to start with, but I really hope to see more business owners–especially women, take  control of the reins in their businesses.  The employment world or the half-entrepreneur, half employee (i.e. contract worker) world caps your earnings, limits your freedom and creates an unhealthy dependence over time.  Educate yourself, learn to market your skills and make steps toward becoming an independent business owner, because in the long run your security is your responsibility.

Another group within the entrepreneurial world I like to call the saints; they love people and want to help others live better lives–a very noble calling.  Many of these entrepreneurs struggle to make ends meet, are afraid to ask for a decent price for their products and services and often don’t get it that it’s alright to earn well and to charge what they are worth.  The glitch in their money mindset keeps them forever behind the eight ball financially and sometimes forces the kind hearted entrepreneur out of business since they don’t earn enough to support themselves.  Both the saints and those who are half employee, half business owners are missing an important point.  You may never own a company like Apple, but your business is probably the most powerful asset you own.  If you invest in it wisely, it has the potential to earn many times what you could ever hope to earn playing small or refusing to step up to the plate and own your business properly.

You don’t have to become a business shark, out to take advantage of others when you don the hat of an entrepreneur.  You do have to recognize that ultimately owning a business will bring you face to face with your deepest doubts, fears and insecurities–the very things that hold you back.  Do the things you fear; learn to speak in public; find out how to build a website; take baby steps toward independence and do so with a practical mindset.  Monetize your skills and watch yourself grow bit by bit into a powerful, empowered entrepreneur.  Now that’s what I call success!

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Wishing you great success in your journey to becoming an empowered entrepreneur!

Rich Blessings!


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