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Greetings Friends!

The beginning of a new year holds so much potential for expansion and success–it just seems like a natural time to focus on bringing our desired hopes and dreams to life!  Usually we hit a wall somewhere along the way, but it doesn’t haven’t to be the end of our enthusiasm or our adventure.  Seeing the year ahead as a journey where we may encounter tire problems, detours or bad weather may encourage each of us to enjoy the ride rather than focus so fiercely on outcomes.  If you’re not enjoying a healthy business and life experience you won’t have the stamina to see your dreams through, so I thought I’d begin the New Year with a look at some tools that you can use as GPS devices.  These tools can assist you not only in achieving your dreams, but encourage you to take a balanced approach to the journey.  P.S.–none of the links below are affiliate links, so I am not compensated in any way for these offerings.


Whether you prefer your laptop, desktop, phone or iPad as your main business ally, this tool will assist you in getting your ideas shaped up, planned and synced.  The cost runs $80 for your Mac/laptop and about $20 for your phone, so if you’re on the go, you can still keep your business ship shape and on target for success (don’t forget to plan your vacations)!

2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook

A more affordable tool ($9), this calendar/workbook duo comes in two flavors–life and business.  So for the savvy business owner you’ll not only have a ritual to bless and release 2012 you’ll have an opportunity to flesh out those really big dreams in detail.  Grab a latte and sneak off to your favorite quiet nook for some deep thinking with this tool; you should come out of your reverie with a balanced, detailed idea of how 2013 will roll.  Sweet!


Would you like to establish an online video presence, but hate seeing yourself on camera?  No problem!  PowToon will enable you to deliver your message or presentation in a classy, yet affordable fashion–and no one need see your face.  Always helpful if you’re camera shy!  Cost rages between $9-$57 per month and you get a 14 day trial.  This is a nice, flexible tool you can add to the social media platforms that you’re already using.  The added caveat is that Google, who owns pride of place in the search engine optimization world, also owns–ta-da, YouTube!  You’ll be top of the heap in no time and you’ll have done it with style!

Live Off Your Passion

Is this your year to leave the employee life behind?  You might want to check out Scott Disnmore’s program Live Off Your Passion.  Most of us have to work–about 99% of us as a matter of fact.  And it’s also a fact that many of us hate our jobs…Scott has created a $197 program to help you identify your passions and skills–and then take that information to the next level–transforming you into CEO of YOUInc, the much coveted level of successfully self-employed entrepreneur.  If your wallet is a bit slim after the holidays, no worries.  Check out Scott’s Live Your Legend site; you’ll find a variety of free tools that can get you off and running on your journey to being happily financially solvent as a self-employed entrepreneur.

The Desire Map

This is a multimedia success tool from Danielle LaPorte intended to focus you on success from the inside out (and not just for business)…what does your success feel like?  Interesting question!  A book–digital and old school paper; three months of email support, activity sheets and more for $170; this is perfect for the right brained success maven on the go and a must for all Danielle LaPorte fans!

Planner Pad

As many of you know, this is my personal favorite planner–personal and business life all in one book; gotta love it!  This planner is divided horizontally in three levels; a brain dump, daily list, timed appointment section, plus sections for expenses and a column to track your shopping list, or any other important info.  The Planner Pad comes in a variety of sizes and prices; click the link above to find the right type of Planner Pad for you.

The Right-Brain Business Plan

I’ve already talked about the importance of having a business plan for tax season 2012; the IRS has new ideas about ways to eliminate your business deductions and it all hinges on the viability of your business plan (see that post here).  While the book is available on Kindle, I recommend the paper version so that you have better access to the worksheets.  This book is for those of us whose heads spin whenever the topic of book keeping, financial statements or anything of a similar nature is mentioned.  Yes, your business planning in 2013 should include a business plan–go figure!


This tool is for the graphically challenged among us who also happen to a) have a limited budget and b) need Facebook fan page designs.  Not as fancy as your graphic designer or web genius ally, this will still get the job done for anywhere from free (not much with this offer though) to $33.25 per month.  Not bad and a great way to add some social oomph to your Facebook page!

I could go on, but that’s a lot to get you started.  Hopefully this list will reignite your New Year’s enthusiasm if it is waning and support you in knocking the proverbial ball out of the park if you’re ready to fly out of the starting gate.  And as a Twitter friend of mine posted on New Years day, may 2013 exceed your expectations!

Rich Blessings!



Your Business Success in 2013

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends,

This post was originally written in the spring of 2012 and now that we’re in the holiday season I will be taking some time to spend with family and friends preparing for the New Year and vacationing a bit (for a change–woo hoo)!  I thought I would reprise this post in light of the time of year–a time when many of us take a look at our goals and determine what we’d like to focus on after the holiday hub-bub has died down.  Barring the reference to April, I trust you’ll find some juicy nuggets or take-aways for your own goal setting program. Don’t forget the Resources page on this blog for additional success tools and tips!

Blessings & Happy Holidays!


Greetings Friends!

We’re halfway through April and now is probably a pretty good time to re-evaluate your success goals.  Modern life moves at a fast pace!  You will benefit greatly by keeping your eye on the ball and knowing when to drop a project or to inject new life into a situation by adding a hot new goal!

For example, perhaps you take advantage of coaching services to assist you in staying on track for success during the year.  As part of your work you may create an ezine, new blog or products.  These goals might not have existed–especially in their current form, at the beginning of the year.  Take the time to see what new opportunities have popped up on the horizon–and remember to do this check-in on a regular basis!

Why would you want to bother tinkering with the goals you slaved over earlier this year?  One of my favorite suggestions from Tony Robbins was his success formula; pick a goal, begin working on said goal, (and this is the really important step most of us overlook) evaluate what you’re doing to see if it is effective.  If it’s effective, keep going–if not, make modifications and then repeat the formula (from the top), as many times as necessary until you reach your desired goal.  Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Here are some additional ideas:

  • Try working with the Law of Attraction; if you’ve not read Money & the Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks I highly recommend it as a valuable goal achievement tool.
  • Share your goals with a coach or if you don’t have a coach, pick a friend to confide your goals to.  This person must be 100% capable of a) holding you accountable and b) 100% on your side when it comes to your goals.  No nay-sayers allowed!
  • Work on your time management skills if you consistently find you’re not getting the job done; this area alone could kill your possibilities for success.

Remember goals aren’t set in stone, they change as your circumstances change–but ideally you are moving forward toward at least one major goal this year.  Maybe you want to quit that day job and do your thing full time.  Or maybe you just want to create a bit of extra cash flow so things aren’t so tight financially; either way, holding a firm vision for your future is the way to go.  Click the link for more out of sight goal setting tips and tools from Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte http://marieforleo.com/2012/04/how-to-visualize/.

Rich Blessings!


September 2012 Favorites

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Greetings Friends!

I hope you enjoyed the Entrepreneur of the Month interview with Pip Miller last week; if you missed it, you can check it out here.  Pip raised an issue that challenges so many entrepreneurs online and off; how do you get your audience to engage with you?  With that in mind, I’m looking at transforming the way I offer information to you–less ‘stuff’ arriving in your inbox from me, yet more responsive to your needs.  I’ll be making some announcements about those changes soon, but for now I thought I’d share some of the things I found extremely helpful to my social media, writing and blogging work for September.  So let’s dive right in!

Tribal Author

Most of you know that I’m a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte and her Big Beautiful Book Plan (affiliate link) and I am also a big fan of Jonathan Fields–another teacher of great publishing information.  If you’ve got a book in you, this is your time, but you’re going to want to do it right.  You can no longer expect to write your book and have a publisher do the marketing for you–in fact, you don’t even need a publisher.  Click the Tribal Author link above and let Jonathan tell you more about what you need to know to become a successful, best selling author or click the Big Beautiful Book Plan link to take a look at what Danielle LaPorte offers.  And just for total transparency, Danielle’s material is the one I personally chose to work with.


This app makes my inner geek so happy it’s just insane; imagine a made to order magazine with only the input you want and you’ve got Flipboard.  Now, true confession, I was the kid who would lie awake at night, under the sheets with a flashlight reading a book I just couldn’t put down.  Things haven’t changed much, except that I’ve abandoned the flashlight for an iPhone and I spend the last 15 minutes or so each night flipping through my favorite news venues–without a computer, a book or newspaper.  I favorite some news items and share others immediately via my social media accounts.  And then in the morning I take some of my favorites from the night before and share them on more of my social media sites.  This app is available for Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Nook, so there’s bound to be an app for your phone or tablet that’s just right for you.  And you’ve got tons of news choices to pick from–House Beautiful, the New York Times, Life Hacker, your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ accounts–and much more, all on one app.  If you’re leading a busy life–or even if you’ve got time to burn, I highly recommend Flipboard (and welcome to the news of the future)!


As much as I love Flipboard, this is probably my favorite ‘thing’ from September.  I think of it as crack for the eyes; beautiful photos of everything from home decor, to great fashion, even elegantly photographed food.  You might wonder what this has to do with business; well have you noticed that many articles online are starting to add photos and a Pinterest button for social sharing?  You can find out about practically anything you want to on Pinterest from astrology to zoology.

Think of the possibilities!  You can provide great content in your area of expertise, people get to know and trust you–and you can introduce them to your blog, website, products or services all while they browse these elegantly laid out photos and articles.  If you click the Pinterest link above it will take you to all of my pinterest boards; if you’d like to see only my business board, just click here for some great articles and inspiration.  And for even more fabulous tips on how to use Pinterest, click here.

Now this last item isn’t strictly business, it’s more about the business of taking care of you.  Some of you might have noticed that on Saturdays I put up meditation videos or something from Deepak Chopra’s channel on YouTube.  As much as I love my business, I am insanely busy and I think perhaps it’s a sign of our times not to have any time.  So, now you haven’t any excuse.  You can check out meditations or thought provoking videos to help you reframe and rebalance your life, right here.  I hope you enjoy them and maybe even subscribe to some of the channels I share here.

Want more savvy business tips?  Sign up here for the LAGirl13 business newsletter!  And with that, I’m going to call it a wrap.  Have a great week and…

Rich Blessings!


Copyright 2012.  All rights reserved.

The Importance of Biz Success and Other BS

There will always be suffering.
But we must not suffer over the suffering.
–Alan Watts, Zen master

Greetings Friends!

As I sit writing this it’s at least 100 degrees in my apartment.  The thermostat reads 0–and my son says that’s because even it doesn’t believe how hot it is in here.  The air conditioner has failed us for the second time in less than a month; the management of the building only has a repair person on site two days a week and apparently he isn’t allowed to do overtime.  Why do I share this with you?  Because I’ve seen some interesting blogs lately that got me to thinking about this journey to entrepreneurial success–we’ll talk more about those particular pieces of writing shortly, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the reasons why I do this entrepreneurial thing that I do.

First, I guess I have an attitude of, there are no safe places; I’ve done the 9-5 thing and honestly I don’t think I am any worse off now than I was then.  In fact, now that I think of it, I actually have more ways to conjure up income than when I worked for the ‘the man’ and had my earnings totally dictated by others.

Now, recently I read a blog post and in it the writer was very clear about how maintaining fluffy bunny, happy, happy, joy, joy thinking all the cotton picking time, doesn’t work for her.  And I can understand that.  Earth school is no joke–you can be Steve Jobs one day, pretty much King of the Hill and a deceased Steve Jobs the next–life takes no prisoners.  Or maybe it takes all of us prisoner in the end (so much for he who dies with the most toys wins).  Either way, what I’m trying to say is, it takes chutzpah ‘out to there’ to do earth school.  It also takes chutzpah, out to there, to do the entrepreneurial thing.  There is no free lunch Virginia–not even snacks.

Having said all that, my primary ‘thing’ is that of being an intuitive and astrologer; I love the work and as my spiritual understanding grows, my work evolves.  When I think of great spiritual masters–you know, the ones who have walked on water or created a herd of followers, even now, long after they shuffled off their mortal coil, I think of them as people who really wrestled with life.  Its ups and its downs.  None of them said life would be easy.  It has been said, however, that life is worth it.  And I believe it is. I also believe that if you choose to be an entrepreneur that it too will be worth it.  When I joined a network marketing company my sponsor said, “This is a personal development program wrapped around a business.”  That is what I believe life is.  It is about developing courage under fire.  You don’t go to the weight room and stare at the weights–oh, wait a minute, you do when you’re visualizing success; it’s just that at some point you have to do the work.  Visualization may be a big part of your prep work, but sooner or later you have to do the do.

I don’t think any spiritual teacher expects you to be a saint everyday all day.  You can be angry, you can pitch a fit–what you can’t do is stay in that mindset and be successful.  Whether you believe you came to earth school of your own volition or whether you believe you were drafted by the Universe and woke up one day to find yourself in the game, for better or worse, doesn’t really matter.  The only thing that matters is, now that you’re here, what will you do with this life?

These are some of the principles I’ve come to think are most important now that I find myself in this physical reality–especially when the air conditioning has died and its 103 degrees outside:

  • There are no guarantees of success, fame or massive wealth incoming.  Do it anyway.
  • Have compassion for myself and others.
  • Yes, the system is screwed up–big time.  I suspect Divinity knows that and either way, I am still here so I will deal with it as best I can.
  • Love myself and others as best I can.
  • Be resilient when the going gets tough.  And no matter how far you are up the ladder, know that life will find new ways to test you (see the Steve Jobs example).
  • Courage and faith are absolute necessities for the journey.  Have your fit of anger, then put on your big girl/boy underwear and get moving again.
  • Know that you can’t drop out of earth school; all indicators are they just send you right back!

I do understand where this blogger was coming from http://bit.ly/P5k1xX, but my own personal philosophy leans more toward http://bit.ly/QXJb7g.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please post your comments below.

My personal life philosophy is that we are on a spiral toward becoming One with all that is–and we don’t get invited to the party until we are aligned–really, really well, with that One.  Looking at the lives of saints, mystics and ascended masters–whatever your own personal religion/spiritual path may or may not be, can give you a glimpse of how rough the curriculum is…heck, for all I know I planned this life.  What’s worse is, I may never have intended to be a millionaire; I’m going to let that be okay because I know I am much stronger than the scaredy cat I used to be.  That is why I run this race day in and and day out.

With or without air conditioning…ahem.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from The Matrix:  “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”  Morpheus.  All of us know, on some level, what we need to be doing, it’s the actual doing that gets a bit messy.  Patience, having a great work ethic, and having consistency of effort are powerful and empowering character traits; it’s not about the carrot we’re chasing (business success), it’s about becoming a better person…because when all is said and done, you can’t take any of it with you–except the character you build into your soul.

May you have a most excellent (character building) walk down the path of entrepreneurship.

Rich Blessings!


Published Author Goes Over the Wall

Over the Wall

Over the Wall


I love to write and I have loved to write since I was a little kid.  Back in the day you’d be given a list of spelling words at the beginning of the week.  You would be asked to write each word five times each, alphabetize them, make sentences with them–and was I ever in heaven when I got to write my own sentences. I absolutely hated the “See Jane run” books–they were boring as @&#%; give me Doctor Seuss any day–that man’s rhymes rock my world to this day.  So my sentences were like short stories.  I was off and running!

But I’m not a real writer–except on my blogs, yet.  That (hopefully) will change in the next year or so since my son and I have some story ideas we’re working on–and we’re really excited.  But for now I have a couple of day jobs and I squeeze in the important stuff–coaching other women entrepreneurs, blogging, and the much talked about, but (lately) rarely done, exercise routine, is shoved into the nooks and cranies of what’s left of my life apres work.  It sucks, but I still get to write–and that’s what matters.

So, now I’m spending time on http://www.mediabistro.com/ and I’m looking at the demographics of the readers I hope to serve one day (when I go over the wall).  And I’m here sharing with all of you some of the juicy bits and pieces I’m learning about being an entrepreneur.  I have a friend who says I’m like a walking encyclopedia–if I hear or read it, it’s my information.  For.  Life.  So, if you tell me about your business, I will give you two things to read, a website and a program you should check out to help whip your business into shape–cause that’s how I roll.  I love to learn, I love to write and I love helping other women go over the wall.

So, who’s with me?  I suspect life over the wall is a lot more fun than the corporate ‘stay within the lines, the lines are our friends’ way of looking at life.  So this is where I give you a little bit of homework.  Your homework for July is to check out The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau –it’s what I’m reading now (in between the material from Danielle LaPorte’s Big Beautiful Book Plan, a book on Shamanism and another book on holistic health).  If you want to know about those other titles too, just let me know.  There’s plenty more where that came from; just stick around, we’re going to have a lot of fun.

Oh, and by the way, the story my son and I are working on is fantasy/sci-fi.  I love science fiction.

Rich Blessings!


Publishers & You

Are you thinking about writing and publishing a book?  I know that more than a few of you have indicated your interest in this topic, so today I’m going to do a review on the Big Beautiful Book Plan by Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen.  This program was on sale in May and happily I was (finally) able to fit it into the budget!

This program normally costs $150 and you get so much information it’s crazy.  If you’re a busy person you might find it daunting to make your way through this material and write your book–but I believe it’s worth it.  Ms. LaPorte and Ms. Sivertsen have covered all the angles.   So if you do the work and actually sell your book plan, you can get paid to do the actual writing of your book.  On the other hand, if you’ve written a book and haven’t got a lot of sales, I think you’ll be able to look under the hood of your project and either tweak said project or do a better job of promoting so that sales pick up.

The PDF for this program is nearly 400 pages of material broken down as follows:  Note, the first workbook  PDF offered for dowload cannot be edited online.

  • Part I (Horizon):  Prepping for your journey into publishing
  • Part II (Strategy):  Crafting your beautiful book plan
  • Part III (Creativity):  This portion of the plan helps you take what you’re already doing and use it as the material for your book.  They also discuss how to handle rejection in this section of the plan
  • Part IV (Visibility):  This part of the program discusses building the platform for your book launch.  Publishers expect you to have an audience ready and waiting for the arrival of your book–and here you learn the ins and outs of making that happen.
  • Part V (Your Workbook):  This is a copy of the original 400 pages of material that can be edited–fill in your answers as you go along–online!  It covers the writing, pitching and the mobilization of joint venture partners for your project.
  • Part VI (Audio & Video):  Interviews with game changing authors–it includes a Q & A section about the book publishing business.
  • Part VII (Resources):  Courses, workshops, books and insight tools to assist you in learning from those who have been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt–so to speak, in the book writing/publishing world.
  • Part VIII (The Outro):  Information about LaPorte & Sivertsen as well as how you can become an affiliate and offer this information to your tribe–share the love!  They also discuss the Write Girl foundation, a program that helps young, at risk girls improve their lives by learning and working with the art of the written word.  This program donates a portion of its proceeds to this charity.
  • Note:  They also provide written transcripts for the audio/video portion of this program–they’ve thought about everything folks!
  • Part IX (Audio Streaming): If you’re on the go and want to stream the audio material–well, here you go.

I think you’ll agree that you get a lot of bang for your buck here.  You can check this all out at (affiliate link): http://bit.ly/O6V7MH.  I hope to hear from of a lot of you that you’ve published books thanks to this plan!

Rich Blessings!




Your Book Plan

Greetings Friends!

I’ve talked about Danielle LaPorte quite a bit in this blog–and of late, I’ve spoken a good deal about writing a book and having a book plan.  Today I just wanted to tell you that Ms. LaPorte’s birthday is Friday 25 May (2012) and she’s offering an opportunity for you to get her fabulous book plan program at a ‘pay what you can’ rate.

That’s right.  You tell her what you can afford–kind of a modern “Let’s Make a Deal” kind of thing and if she agrees, you get it at a wonderful price.  So, if you (or someone you love) aspires to write and publish a great new book–don’t wait!  Here’s the link:  http://www.daniellelaporte.com/your-big-beautiful-book-plan/

Rich Blessings!




Your Big Beautiful Book Plan | Script Your Success. Stoke Your Creativity




Your Big Beautiful Book Plan | Script Your Success. Stoke Your Creativity.

I think the most powerful thing I ever heard about writing a book came from Danielle LaPorte–your book plan is to your book, what your business plan is to your business.

I have to admit I adore Ms. LaPorte http://www.daniellelaporte.com/; she’s brash, to the point, funny and smart as hell.  You could do far worse than take advice from her, but why would you want to?!

So, if you’re planning on writing a book this year (yes, even if it’s an e-book–no, let me rephrase that, especially if it’s an e-book), or next year, or the year after that–don’t forget your book plan!  Click the link above to find out more.

Rich Blessings!