Entrepreneur of the Month – December 2012


Greetings Friends!

This month I’m excited to share with you Shanthi, our Entrepreneur of the Month for December 2012.  Shanthi (whose name means peace) is a dancer, Interactive Storyteller, Vegan Yogic Chef and Yoga Master (Yogini) born and raised in India, the birthplace of Yoga and  Yogic culture.   Shanthi is unique in that she has studied Yoga philosophy, practices and dance from an early age from many enlightened Gurus in India–including her father.  She presents dance performances where she captivates the young and the old with her interactive storytelling via dance and yoga.  Shanthi has seen phenomenal client results such as complete healing of back ache, depression, coping with loss, recovery from near death situations, transformation of eating habits, regaining self-esteem, healing relationships and managing highly stressful situations with ease.  Shanthi is now focusing on producing a home-study program where her clients will be exposed to the fundamentals of the Ancient Yoga and simple Yoga practices they can learn through video and can do anywhere on their own with confidence.  See the link above for the interview with Shanthi and learn more about her from her website: www.LivingYogaBeyondTheMat.com.

I’d also like to share some cool new tools for your success starting with something to jazz up your video presentations.  If your business model includes promoting or teaching via video you may find you have a variety of challenges in putting together a video of sufficient quality to share with your community.  If so, check out PowToon, an excellent way for those of us who are artistically challenged to put together a video with panache–not to mention pizazz!  If you’re camera shy or lack the equipment to mount a full court video press, your worries are now over!

And for those of you who know you want to take your life or your business to the next level, but are a bit confused (or even overwhelmed) about the details of making that happen, I’d like to share Live Your Legend with you!  The site owner, Scott Dinsmore has a personal goal of setting the wage slaves who hate their job free.  While being an entrepreneur has an aura of excitement and prosperity to it, the actual grunt work can leave a person confused and disheartened–Scotts’s site is the antidote to both maladies, so check him out!

My last cool tool is Twylah.com which I’ve shared before, but I’m bringing it around again for two reasons.  The first reason is that I love having a tool that makes my Tweets have a longer shelf life–which this tool does brilliantly!  I also like how Twylah does the sorting for you, so someone new to you and what you offer can see a broad spectrum of Tweeted material–and dive in to what works best for them.  The power Tweet is one of my favorite tools; it allows the user to not only tweet on a particular topic, but when someone clicks on your tweet they will see a list of similar tweets–all from you, on the same topic (and of course visitors are given the opportunity to follow you on Twitter–sweet!).  Twylah is still in its beta phase, but I see no reason why you shouldn’t check it out and take advantage of its abilities to give your Tweets more staying power.

Now, if you’re on Pinterest–do come and check out my pins for business where I keep additional resources!  And of course there is the LAGirl13 ezine that offers bi-monthly tips to help you stay on track for business success!

I think that’s going to do it for now–wishing you an easy, breezy, successful December 2012!

Rich Blessings!