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Tony Robbins tells a story about a Pastor of a church who gives a brilliant sermon one Sunday.  The deacons are well pleased and congratulate the Pastor afterward on the effectiveness of his sermon; he smiles and just nods in agreement.  The following Sunday the Pastor gives the exact same sermon causing the Deacons to look at one another in mild alarm, but they decide not to mention it since the congregation doesn’t seem to notice.  The Pastor then proceeds to repeat the very same sermon the following Sunday and the next at which point the deacons take him aside after the service and say to him, “Why are you giving the same sermon every week?!”

The Minister replies, “You noticed!  Well, I’m going to keep giving the sermon until you actually begin applying what I’m preaching!”

Yes, the dirty work of actually getting our work done can be a rather thankless task.  We read articles online, hire a coach, buy books–but how much of what you learn is actually applied?  Why do we procrastinate when it’s time to create programs that will solve the needs of our clients (and our wallets) or even take the time to tighten up our websites when we know that’s the thing that most needs to be done?

I will admit it can be a lot more fun to read the latest book on being a successful entrepreneur than to do the actual nitty, gritty work.  So, if you feel a few pangs of conscious upon reading this, don’t feel bad–do, however, take some steps to insure you aren’t just spinning your entrepreneurial wheels in 2013.

Some tips to help you tighten up your act include:

  • Make quarterly plans for your business.  What projects do you want to promote next quarter?  Now’s the time to start looking at your future business needs.  Pick your launch dates and work backwards so that you’re no longer waiting to the last minute to find clients to fill your practice or your programs.
  • Look at where you habitually fail to take action; do you hate the tech stuff?   Are you confused about what to do next to get a better result?  If you have certain tasks that intimidate you, take steps to either hire them out or get better information for the task so you can do a great job.
  • Get an accountability partner–ideally a coach that can take an unbiased view of your efforts and offer time saving tips to move your business along.
  • Get your inner child onboard; the whiny little voice that says it would rather play video games is letting you know that you need some rewards for all your hard work.  Plan a long weekend once a quarter or plan on buying that special item you’ve been wanting–after you get the website up (or you put the finishing touches on that long overdue white paper).  All work and no play makes your inner child a saboteur of your best efforts over time.

It may seem a fact of life that being an adult, in particular being a busy adult with an entrepreneurial bent, is a lot of work.  It can also be rewarding for you and inspiring for others when you take effective action and achieve your dreams.  If you pick the right business, with the right focus, you will be pulled along by the vision–these were Steve Jobs’ words of wisdom; may they serve you well.

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