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The challenge of developing a successful business begins in the moment that you decide you want to leave the security of traditional employment and branch out on your own.  It’s wonderful if you have a complete vision, but I find with many of the people I coach that while the talents and possibilities for a business exist, the clear vision for the business does not–and that’s okay.  Be prepared for your vision to evolve as you move through your experience.

Problems can occur when the budding entrepreneur anticipates quick success (this can happen with the seasoned entrepreneur as well).   Also note I said quick, not quick and easy.  There isn’t a guarantee of success when you gather your tools, build a website and hang up your shingle, so it’s especially helpful if you pick something that you love.  It’s also unlikely that your experience will be easy.  And if you can’t love the thing itself that you’re launching it is probably best that you at least love those whom you will be serving.  Need I say that if you’re in it for the money alone, and it is a people oriented business, you will be setting yourself up for a bumpy ride.

All that having been said, there are examples of hard-nosed business men like Donald Trump who would hardly be thought of as a warm and fuzzy entrepreneurs–and they seem to just go from one success to the next.  In my case, I work with people who are healers, coaches, intuitives and the like, so there is a desire to be of service and to make a positive difference in the lives of others–no hard nosed business folks among them (thank goodness).  If you don’t love the niche you’re working in, or are burned out from a previous career–you might want to look at real estate investment or working with the stock market–something where nerves of steel, not warm and fuzzy traits are needed.  The one proviso for the hard-nosed entrepreneurial journey is that often these businesses require money or partners with money, but what if that isn’t the case for you?  If you’re not financial flush, and entrepreneurs often aren’t, are you prepared to start simply and aim for a journey to success, not overnight success?

In the event that you are anticipating parachuting out of a difficult job or career into a new business project, here are some things for you to think over as you launch your new career:

  • What do you really want to get out of this deal?  How do you feel about the people you will work with or serve and the work you will do?
  • How soon do you need the business to take off?  Do you have a spouse, a day job or some other means of support until your business can support you?
  • How do you really feel about the idea of success being a journey?  Can you think kindly of yourself and your experience once you’re underway?

Knowing your desired outcome in terms of financial compensation, desired lifestyle (work from home, flexible schedule, ability to travel, etc.) should be understood up front so you’re building a business model that fits your dream.  And answering the above questions may give you pause with regard to your entrepreneurial journey–is this really the right thing for you or do you need to look at a more conventional way to earn your living?

There are some lucky ducks who are overnight successes, but even those, upon close examination, often had past experience of some sort–there’s either a parent, partner or friend they could lean on to help them achieve their success.  If you’re going it alone, you have to be both honest with yourself about the upcoming journey and your willingness to embrace it fully with eyes wide open.  Harboring a belief that you and your business will be an overnight sensation will prevent you from playing your best game, meaning that you understand and accept that failures are a part of the learning experience of a burgeoning entrepreneur.

Your greatest strength, lessons and character traits are born out of your journeys; embrace your business journey fully and success will become the icing on your entrepreneurial cake.

Rich Blessings!



Entrepreneur of the Month

Suzi Dronzek

Suzi Dronzek

The first entrepreneur of the month honors for 2013 fall to Suzi Dronzek, graphic artist, intuitive consultant, healer and entrepreneur.  A lot of the challenges that beset entrepreneurs are similar from person to person and career path to career path.  If you have the chance to hear from other entrepreneurs where they struggle, where their personal habits have either expanded their businesses or caused challenges, then perhaps we can shave some time off of your personal journey to success.  You can learn more about Suzi at her site and listen to my interview with Suzi here:  SDronzekInterview.

In keeping with this being the entrepreneur of the month blog, I’d like to share some of my favorite tips and tools with you starting with the book Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg.  This book is for every woman who has ever questioned her right to speak up because she didn’t feel she was good enough.  Women have been in the workforce in one form or another forever, but the idea of being in a leadership position, well somehow, in some quarters, that idea still ruffles some feathers.  Ms. Sandberg invites us to take a look at that and then be willing to stand up or as she puts it–lean in.

I mentioned awhile back that your Instagram profile and photos were going to be made available via the web and Instagram is one hot, hot, hot platform for business owners now.  You can share tips, help people get to know you, show your products, and advertise your services worldwide.  So, if you’re not on Instagram now, you might just want to check it out.  And of course, I can’t leave Pinterest out of the equation.  If you’re marketing to women, you need to be in two places online right now–Facebook and Pinterest.  Selling products, curating great content, warehousing your blogs, and possibly connecting with Joint Venture buddies are just some of the reasons for you to take advantage of this platform that is taking the business world by storm.  Eye candy sells, so get moving and meet me on Pinterest.

Last, but not least, that tiny voice in your head that says you’re not good enough, you know, the one Ms. Sandberg mentioned?   Well, it can kill your business  PDQ.  I have been working with a set of audio programs that literally retrain your brain so that you think not just positively, but these program teach you to think like the men and women who have already achieved success.  Want to learn more?  You can check it out here(affiliate link).  You’ll also find a host of other helpful tools, books, etc., here on my Resources page and in my business newsletter which you can sign up for here.

I think that’s going to do it for now; know that I’m wishing you a brilliant April filled with powerful, positive success and don’t forget to share this blog with friends who might find it helpful!

Rich Blessings!


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Business Sharks, Saints And Success


Greetings Friends!

I tend to think there are two kinds of people in the world, people who stay within the lines (after all, the lines are our friends) and those who seek freedom.  The latter group plays host to, among other occupations, those who suit up for self owned businesses.  Being an entrepreneur can be a huge challenge to our ego though since it’s an unpredictable journey and most of us experience discomfort when we can’t pin down when or even if we will be successful in our efforts.

Let’s just say right off the bat that you should probably fasten your seat belt since success rarely happens overnight.  There is a steep learning curve to building a successful business, especially since there are so many voices in the market place now offering to assist you in taking your businesses to six or seven figures.  Let’s be honest–many of us would be happen to make any money at all, let alone six figures.  It can take years to achieve that often touted, but extremely elusive six figure success range.  So hopefully you have committed to be in it to win it rather than quitting if you don’t achieve easy (read fast) success.

I’ve noted that among the business owners I personally know or coach, some don’t seem to even realize they are in business and look for someone who has a store front or some other arrangement to carry the burden of marketing expertise.  The challenge here is that you’re indebted to someone else (who has their own interests at the forefront of all they do) and you don’t get to call your own shots.  It’s fine to start with, but I really hope to see more business owners–especially women, take  control of the reins in their businesses.  The employment world or the half-entrepreneur, half employee (i.e. contract worker) world caps your earnings, limits your freedom and creates an unhealthy dependence over time.  Educate yourself, learn to market your skills and make steps toward becoming an independent business owner, because in the long run your security is your responsibility.

Another group within the entrepreneurial world I like to call the saints; they love people and want to help others live better lives–a very noble calling.  Many of these entrepreneurs struggle to make ends meet, are afraid to ask for a decent price for their products and services and often don’t get it that it’s alright to earn well and to charge what they are worth.  The glitch in their money mindset keeps them forever behind the eight ball financially and sometimes forces the kind hearted entrepreneur out of business since they don’t earn enough to support themselves.  Both the saints and those who are half employee, half business owners are missing an important point.  You may never own a company like Apple, but your business is probably the most powerful asset you own.  If you invest in it wisely, it has the potential to earn many times what you could ever hope to earn playing small or refusing to step up to the plate and own your business properly.

You don’t have to become a business shark, out to take advantage of others when you don the hat of an entrepreneur.  You do have to recognize that ultimately owning a business will bring you face to face with your deepest doubts, fears and insecurities–the very things that hold you back.  Do the things you fear; learn to speak in public; find out how to build a website; take baby steps toward independence and do so with a practical mindset.  Monetize your skills and watch yourself grow bit by bit into a powerful, empowered entrepreneur.  Now that’s what I call success!

Need some help getting from where you are to where you want to be?  Check out the Resources page here on this site for tools and books to inspire you to greater success.  Also, don’t forget to sign up for my free business tips to inspire and support you in building your business success and if you’d like to find out more about your options for coaching with me, sign up here.

Wishing you great success in your journey to becoming an empowered entrepreneur!

Rich Blessings!


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Business Systems, Organization & Success


I hate tax time, what about you?  I’m also not the most organized person on the planet–at least not naturally.  I have found that it’s absolutely necessary for me to have systems for the things I need to do in my business–especially for the things I don’t like doing.  I’ve already written about how important your tax prep is going to be for 2012; if you missed that blog, you can catch it here.  Take the time to get yourself set up for success from the start and save yourself the hassle of getting caught unprepared.

If you’re like me, you may want to procrastinate, especially on tasks that aren’t familiar, are intimidating or boring–this is where systems can be a big help.  If I know I’m likely to toss my receipts in an odd place, that’s an area where I must develop some simple systems in order to avert catastrophe at a later date.

Some systems you’ll want to have in place for your business include:

  • Know what projects you’re launching in the next 30-60 days.  Work far enough out that you don’t have to sweat bullets over a promised launch date.   Keep a project calendar for product/program launches as well as for your blog.
  • Hire out the low priority tasks so that you’re focused on money making activities.  You say you can’t afford a VA?  Hire your son or daughter or a college student and be very precise about what you want done, when it is due and the level of quality you expect.
  • Deal early with the things that irritate you (like planning for tax season) and file things appropriately.  You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.
  • Scan the web for hot tips on system development like the video above; it can save you time and energy to learn from someone else and cost very little!
  • Make plans early in the game for when you want to bring on an assistant.  Keep your focus on the money making activities in your business and let those things that aren’t your expertise be taken care of by your team–even if it’s just you an assistant.

The business of running your business can be exhausting.  Don’t let your business devolve into a job; get organized, develop business systems and save yourself the frustration that comes from not being willing to work your business like a big business from the beginning.

I will be opening up spaces in my coaching practice in a few short weeks; if you’re ready to take your business to the next level and you’d  like to get on the waiting list, now’s the time–availability is limited; you can sign up here.  And best wishes for a headache free tax season.

Rich Blessings!


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Business Success & Rewards


Greetings Friends!

Tony Robbins tells a story about a Pastor of a church who gives a brilliant sermon one Sunday.  The deacons are well pleased and congratulate the Pastor afterward on the effectiveness of his sermon; he smiles and just nods in agreement.  The following Sunday the Pastor gives the exact same sermon causing the Deacons to look at one another in mild alarm, but they decide not to mention it since the congregation doesn’t seem to notice.  The Pastor then proceeds to repeat the very same sermon the following Sunday and the next at which point the deacons take him aside after the service and say to him, “Why are you giving the same sermon every week?!”

The Minister replies, “You noticed!  Well, I’m going to keep giving the sermon until you actually begin applying what I’m preaching!”

Yes, the dirty work of actually getting our work done can be a rather thankless task.  We read articles online, hire a coach, buy books–but how much of what you learn is actually applied?  Why do we procrastinate when it’s time to create programs that will solve the needs of our clients (and our wallets) or even take the time to tighten up our websites when we know that’s the thing that most needs to be done?

I will admit it can be a lot more fun to read the latest book on being a successful entrepreneur than to do the actual nitty, gritty work.  So, if you feel a few pangs of conscious upon reading this, don’t feel bad–do, however, take some steps to insure you aren’t just spinning your entrepreneurial wheels in 2013.

Some tips to help you tighten up your act include:

  • Make quarterly plans for your business.  What projects do you want to promote next quarter?  Now’s the time to start looking at your future business needs.  Pick your launch dates and work backwards so that you’re no longer waiting to the last minute to find clients to fill your practice or your programs.
  • Look at where you habitually fail to take action; do you hate the tech stuff?   Are you confused about what to do next to get a better result?  If you have certain tasks that intimidate you, take steps to either hire them out or get better information for the task so you can do a great job.
  • Get an accountability partner–ideally a coach that can take an unbiased view of your efforts and offer time saving tips to move your business along.
  • Get your inner child onboard; the whiny little voice that says it would rather play video games is letting you know that you need some rewards for all your hard work.  Plan a long weekend once a quarter or plan on buying that special item you’ve been wanting–after you get the website up (or you put the finishing touches on that long overdue white paper).  All work and no play makes your inner child a saboteur of your best efforts over time.

It may seem a fact of life that being an adult, in particular being a busy adult with an entrepreneurial bent, is a lot of work.  It can also be rewarding for you and inspiring for others when you take effective action and achieve your dreams.  If you pick the right business, with the right focus, you will be pulled along by the vision–these were Steve Jobs’ words of wisdom; may they serve you well.

For more hot tips and to receive the LAGirl13 Business newsletter, sign up here and until next time…

Rich Blessings!


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Business Success; Filling Your Funnel


Greetings Friends!

I’m enjoying the end of a comfortable day doing business coaching from my home (I love the 10 second commute to my living room).  I coach women entrepreneurs, most of whom have businesses in the spiritual or metaphysical arts and that makes sense, since that’s what I do too.   Between caring for families, a primary job and developing a successful business, what most of them want is the freedom to work full time from their homes doing something that they love while earning a great living.  Sounds like Wonder Woman, doesn’t it?  Some even want to be able to take their businesses on the road; have business will travel!  The gap between where they are and what they want–well, that’s what the coaching is for.  And oh yes, I have a coach too…how about you?

Coaching can help you get clear about your objectives, your weak spots, and hold you accountable for meeting your goals (especially during the period when you’re developing new skills and habits).  Nearly all business owners suffer from the same challenge…how do we fill our funnel?  The answer is both easy and a challenge, especially for those business women who are at war with themselves.  What do I mean?   There are some who are suffering from career burnout; these are women who are excellent at what they do, but need to make the leap from being in the trenches doing the work to teaching the up and comers in their field how business is done.  They would probably rather do anything other than that which they’ve developed as a core expertise.

Next we have the people who love what they do, but it’s woo-woo and their anxiety has to do with whether or not it’s even possible to sell woo-woo.  Trust me their are lots of folks out there making good money selling woo-woo.  So if your particular fear has to do with that, buckle down on business basics and check my Resources page for additional tools to help you with sales doubt and fear.

Ultimately though, the trick to creating a business that you love is having a business model that provides not only a full funnel, but a lifestyle to match your business vision.  Here are some of the things you can do to fill your funnel:

  • Blog–yes, create content and share your journey, tips, ups, downs etc., to a regular audience of followers.  Pick a regular time/day and show up like clock work so people learn they can trust you.
  • Teleseminars (or webinars)–do a monthly training call or interview with an expert in your field and make sure people have to sign up to access the training!  Give great content to your listeners while you’re building your list.
  • Workshops are another great way for people to interact with you and learn how amazing you are at what you have to offer.  Be sure to capture email addresses and make a special offer so that people can learn more about your products and services.
  • Share content on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest so that people get a taste of what you have to offer…and then offer them…
  • A free white paper on an important topic in your industry.  Of course they have to sign up to get the paper–just make sure it’s worth their time.  Make the report juicy enough that when you roll out your program or product you have folks practically drooling for more!

And don’t forget LinkedIn–even if what you do is woo-woo.  Get in the habit of helping others solve their problems.  Ask questions, join groups, or start a group; once you do, you can expand your audience, fill your funnel, sell a book or product and get back to living that life you designed when you first tip toed out onto the business playing field.  You have skills that someone needs–and if you need help whipping your business dreams into shape, check here for information about my coaching program.

You’ve already done the hard work, you’ve acquired the skills for your industry.  Match it with marketing expertise, a dash of courage and you’ll be able to fill your funnel whenever you need to.

Rich Blessings!


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Business Failure; How to Cope

Both in my own business life and in my work as a business coach I find the biggest challenge we bump up against is coping with fear.  How do you get yourself to open that conversation with a stranger (who … Continue reading

Business 2013; Go Big?



“Come to the edge,” he said.

They said: “We are afraid.”

“Come to the edge.” he said.

They came. He pushed them and they flew.” Guillaume Apollinaire

Greetings Friends!

The last couple of weeks have taught me something huge about possibilities for success.   Due to a series of unfortunate events I find myself in Los Angeles without a car–probably for another couple of weeks.  The interesting thing about it is suddenly I can be up at 4:00 AM–something I couldn’t seem to do previously (despite big plans for getting in shape this year).  With public transportation being my only option now, I’m out of bed and up and at ’em in a way that probably could have made a big difference in how things were getting done in my life.  So, I ask you–where are you playing small?  How could you do more and see better results in your business this year?  Chances are you aren’t playing all out to achieve the success of your dreams.

The internet is a fabulous tool, but you might want to think in terms of what you can do in an old school way.  A newsletter that you put out in your local neighborhood or business cards and flyers in local establishments might produce clients in your own backyard (so to speak).  And if what you do is a healing practice of some sort, you might ask local churches if you can put on a small workshop for a small fee (Unity churches in particular seem to be open to this type of thing).

Playing big in 2013 may look quite different for you and your business needs in 2013 than what the business gurus are suggesting, particularly if you are relatively new or a small outfit at the moment.  This may be the year of the video, but not if your budget or your shyness tell you to look for ways that work for you and your resources.  I’d also say don’t get sucked into what others tell you is their program for success; maybe they can do it in a few hours a day, but how long have they been in business (and even more importantly, how long have you been in business)?  Let your success evolve in a way that works for you; don’t bludgeon your bank account, but do try business modalities that stretch you a bit this year.

Speaking of stretching, if your goals are big this year and you find yourself not taking effective action on a regular basis I’d like to help.  I have nine spaces left in my free coaching program.  When I say free, I mean free.  There is no cost to you.  Paying it forward is the way I intend to help those who have lost jobs or who are grossly underpaid get back on their feet.  If you’d like to be one of the nine you can go here to fill out an application.   Those of you who aren’t among the nine chosen will still receive a free session with me, so you have nothing to lose by signing up.

When all is said and done, we humans are creatures of habit and if your business isn’t soaring you needs some new habits.  It’s time to come to the edge.

Rich Blessings!


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Top 3 Metrics for 2013

Success in 2013

Success in 2013

Greetings Friends!

So, have you created a goals list for 2013?  Have you captured the dream of what this year is going to be about for you and your business yet?  If not, I wouldn’t worry too much.  It’s early and I personally like the idea of mulling things over deeply rather than choosing my goals in a rush.  Creating a deeply fulfilling, successful year will look different from business owner to business owner; in fact, what might be most important for you at this point in 2013 is looking at what didn’t work for you in 2012.

What didn’t work for me?  Overwhelm!  Too many metrics, too much information and not enough down time.  What did work for me?  Finding ways to curate great content for my clients and fans and delivering it in ways that didn’t suck the life out of me personally.  To that end I have a few ideas about what metrics I will be paying the most attention to this year.

My number one metric is–show me the money.  Yep, very simple.  If you are in business for yourself and your business isn’t making money, then make that a major focus for 2013.  Think outside the box and find new ways to get in front of potential clients.  For example, if you’re a massage therapist you might want to partner with a friend who does manicures and create a home spa party program.  Your hostesses gets free treatments and you (as well as your mate) are introduced to new clients.  Or let’s say you are an acupuncturist; you might want to do a meet-up at a Panera bread a couple of times each month for people who have hypertension (or whatever demographic it is that you serve).  Give a 15 or 20 minute talk in person (or via teleconference) and offer a special for a group of sessions.  Give great content, bring hand outs, answer questions.  Make a difference–and start earning money in 2013.

Second metric; figure out what you personally need in 2013.  For me I want to do more, but simply–hence my keyword is simplicity for 2013.  I will constantly look at what’s being suggested to me in the way of expanding my business and comparing it to my intention to simplify what I do.  If I have to jump through fiery hoops to use your new gizmo–forget about it.  How about you?  What’s your keyword for 2013?

The last metric I’m looking at for 2013 is legacy–how am I making a difference in 2013?  I am intending on making a difference in the lives of 12 business women this year.  Toward that end I am giving 12 scholarships for coaching in 2013 (you can learn more here).  If I can help 12 business owners who might not have ordinarily been able to access coaching get their dreams off the ground I will feel fantastic.  Maybe legacy doesn’t mean much to you, but I encourage you to look at how you want to give back–perhaps by donating to, or by offering your time/talent to a worthy organization.  I encourage you to balance what you earn with what you give–we build a fabulous new world for all of us when we do so.

Start with the end in mind for 2013 (thank you Stephen Covey); make sure you’re actually earning money in your business, pick a keyword for the year and measure all you do against that keyword.  And lastly make a difference in the lives of those who need a hand.  Do this and I think 2013 will be a year you can look back at with great satisfaction, success and pride.

Rich Blessings!


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Finding Your Business’ Sweet Spot



A tale of two business owners…

Allison is a very dedicated Reiki practitioner.  She took her Reiki attunements from a well known and highly regarded Reiki Master and decided that she wanted to open up a healing practice.  Not having very much money to start her practice, Allison decided to join forces with a classmate from her Reiki training class.  They shared the rent and other expenses for a small space and slowly Allison began to gather a few fans for her practice.

As the months rolled by, Allison became frustrated that her efforts weren’t garnering more clients; so after doing some research online,  she opened a Facebook page and offered information to her small group of fans about health, the wonders of Reiki and energy healing in general.  Later she decided to  share her own experiences with energy healing via a blog and in small workshops; and still Allison’s business didn’t really thrive.  Her small handful of dedicated clients kept her from going out of business, but Allison couldn’t help but wonder if she had made a mistake.  She blogged, she put up posts on Facebook, she held classes and she felt in her bones that this was the right business for her…why wasn’t her practice providing the support her family so richly deserved?

Not far away lived a different woman, a new business owner named Stephanie who was an astrologer.  She had studied with well known astrologers for many years and knew her subject like the back of her hand.  Stephanie had worked in a variety of career fields before she finally decided to look into developing an astrology practice of her own; retirement was around the corner and although Stephanie had been employed most of her adult life, she knew she hadn’t any savings to speak of; in addition, she was recently divorced and after running the numbers she soberly realized a tiny pension and Social Security wasn’t going to provide the lifestyle she wanted in her later years.

After talking with some of her astrology teachers, Stephanie decided on one in particular to coach her in building her practice.  The accountability factor was a huge help to Stephanie–she committed to taking certain actions such as getting her search engine optimization research done, choosing a niche and getting a new website up and running–all of which meant backing out wasn’t an option.  Her coach would be checking with her regularly to insure she stayed on track and met the goals she had chosen for herself.

Deciding she wanted to keep it simple, Stephanie chose to host a blog and offer her services online rather than rent a space with overhead; she was pretty sure she would be able to find plenty of business women with challenges that she could help.  Needless to say, Stephanie was a bit shocked when despite her earnest and dedicated blogging efforts and her consistent social media work, her client numbers were rather disappointing.  She decided to talk to her coach about her business malaise–at which point her coach asked her again about her passions.

“I already told you,” Stephanie replied, trying to sound polite, “I like helping women like myself reinvent themselves.  I have taken a look at the numbers and I can see there are a large number of women who are entrepreneurs seeking information online each month.”

“Yes, that’s true,”  Stephanie’s coach replied, “but you’ve overlooked something I mentioned early in our work together.”

“What’s that?” Stephanie asked crisply, trying to keep her temper.

“What is that one thing you offer that reaches the largest number of those women who are online seeking help?  What is one problem, block, or challenge they have that is a perfect match for what you do?”

Stephanie sat with the question for a moment feeling irritated.  “Isn’t that the same thing as my niche?  I mean, if I know I want to work with women business owners between the ages of 30 and 50 who are frustrated in their business, isn’t that the same as what you just asked me?”

“No,” Jan replied quickly.  “Think of it this way–if I have asthma and you are a gynecologist–you’re not focused on my problem, my need.  Yes, you are a doctor and you have know how–but it’s not my specific problem that you solve.  And that means even if you’re the best doctor in the world, I am not coming to you because you don’t specialize in my unique problem.”

Stephanie sighed.

“Give it some thought Stephanie,” her coached said sympathetically.  “Somewhere between your passion, expertise and the countless number of challenges those business women have, is your business’ sweet spot.  It’s the place where your unique skills solve a unique problem–a big enough problem that you can fill your practice and make a difference in the lives of countless women.”

Stephanie thanked her coach and hung up the phone.  Why was it so hard to figure out this niche, sweet spot thing?!  After racking her brain for some time Stephanie finally decided she would give herself some time and see what came up for her.

Later in the week, while watching television, Stephanie found herself riveted to a program about a  group of young entrepreneurs who wanted funding for their enterprises.  The show was fast paced as the already successful entrepreneurs shot down the fledgling ideas of the novice business men and women.  Watching the program got Stephanie thinking about her own business quandary and she went to bed with the wheels of her mind turning her many possibilities over and over…

Upon awakening, Stephanie was quick to beat a path to her computer.  After running the numbers, Stephanie could see there were not only a lot of women entrepreneurs seeking information online–there were also a lot of people seeking to start brand new businesses!  What if her sweet spot was to use her astrological skills to help people find the best match between their interests, what was going on astrologically in general combined with what their own birth charts showed were their unique gifts?  What if she could help new entrepreneurs find their unique sweet spot?! Stephanie felt excited and couldn’t wait to check in with her coach to share her new insights, but before she had a chance to do so, she received an email from a young entrepreneur whose business was languishing…

Allison did energy work and while she had rave reviews for her work, she couldn’t seem to earn a decent living; could Stephanie help?

“I most certainly can help you–not only with narrowing in on your business’ sweet spot, but I’ll share my own insights on starting a new business–does that sound like something that might work for you?” Stephanie asked Allison.

Allison was a bit jaded by her lack of success, but she liked the sound of the phrase ‘sweet spot’.  She decided to give it a try…

Finding the sweet spot for your business may turn out to be quite a journey–that nexus where your passions meet the problems or needs of substantial numbers of people will spell the difference between a business that dies and a business that thrives!

Need some help finding your business sweet spot?  Sign up here for a free coaching session with me; no hype and no cost.

May you and your business thrive in 2013…

Rich Blessings!


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