Business 2013; Go Big?



“Come to the edge,” he said.

They said: “We are afraid.”

“Come to the edge.” he said.

They came. He pushed them and they flew.” Guillaume Apollinaire

Greetings Friends!

The last couple of weeks have taught me something huge about possibilities for success.   Due to a series of unfortunate events I find myself in Los Angeles without a car–probably for another couple of weeks.  The interesting thing about it is suddenly I can be up at 4:00 AM–something I couldn’t seem to do previously (despite big plans for getting in shape this year).  With public transportation being my only option now, I’m out of bed and up and at ’em in a way that probably could have made a big difference in how things were getting done in my life.  So, I ask you–where are you playing small?  How could you do more and see better results in your business this year?  Chances are you aren’t playing all out to achieve the success of your dreams.

The internet is a fabulous tool, but you might want to think in terms of what you can do in an old school way.  A newsletter that you put out in your local neighborhood or business cards and flyers in local establishments might produce clients in your own backyard (so to speak).  And if what you do is a healing practice of some sort, you might ask local churches if you can put on a small workshop for a small fee (Unity churches in particular seem to be open to this type of thing).

Playing big in 2013 may look quite different for you and your business needs in 2013 than what the business gurus are suggesting, particularly if you are relatively new or a small outfit at the moment.  This may be the year of the video, but not if your budget or your shyness tell you to look for ways that work for you and your resources.  I’d also say don’t get sucked into what others tell you is their program for success; maybe they can do it in a few hours a day, but how long have they been in business (and even more importantly, how long have you been in business)?  Let your success evolve in a way that works for you; don’t bludgeon your bank account, but do try business modalities that stretch you a bit this year.

Speaking of stretching, if your goals are big this year and you find yourself not taking effective action on a regular basis I’d like to help.  I have nine spaces left in my free coaching program.  When I say free, I mean free.  There is no cost to you.  Paying it forward is the way I intend to help those who have lost jobs or who are grossly underpaid get back on their feet.  If you’d like to be one of the nine you can go here to fill out an application.   Those of you who aren’t among the nine chosen will still receive a free session with me, so you have nothing to lose by signing up.

When all is said and done, we humans are creatures of habit and if your business isn’t soaring you needs some new habits.  It’s time to come to the edge.

Rich Blessings!


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8-Top Business Success Tools

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Greetings Friends!

The beginning of a new year holds so much potential for expansion and success–it just seems like a natural time to focus on bringing our desired hopes and dreams to life!  Usually we hit a wall somewhere along the way, but it doesn’t haven’t to be the end of our enthusiasm or our adventure.  Seeing the year ahead as a journey where we may encounter tire problems, detours or bad weather may encourage each of us to enjoy the ride rather than focus so fiercely on outcomes.  If you’re not enjoying a healthy business and life experience you won’t have the stamina to see your dreams through, so I thought I’d begin the New Year with a look at some tools that you can use as GPS devices.  These tools can assist you not only in achieving your dreams, but encourage you to take a balanced approach to the journey.  P.S.–none of the links below are affiliate links, so I am not compensated in any way for these offerings.


Whether you prefer your laptop, desktop, phone or iPad as your main business ally, this tool will assist you in getting your ideas shaped up, planned and synced.  The cost runs $80 for your Mac/laptop and about $20 for your phone, so if you’re on the go, you can still keep your business ship shape and on target for success (don’t forget to plan your vacations)!

2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook

A more affordable tool ($9), this calendar/workbook duo comes in two flavors–life and business.  So for the savvy business owner you’ll not only have a ritual to bless and release 2012 you’ll have an opportunity to flesh out those really big dreams in detail.  Grab a latte and sneak off to your favorite quiet nook for some deep thinking with this tool; you should come out of your reverie with a balanced, detailed idea of how 2013 will roll.  Sweet!


Would you like to establish an online video presence, but hate seeing yourself on camera?  No problem!  PowToon will enable you to deliver your message or presentation in a classy, yet affordable fashion–and no one need see your face.  Always helpful if you’re camera shy!  Cost rages between $9-$57 per month and you get a 14 day trial.  This is a nice, flexible tool you can add to the social media platforms that you’re already using.  The added caveat is that Google, who owns pride of place in the search engine optimization world, also owns–ta-da, YouTube!  You’ll be top of the heap in no time and you’ll have done it with style!

Live Off Your Passion

Is this your year to leave the employee life behind?  You might want to check out Scott Disnmore’s program Live Off Your Passion.  Most of us have to work–about 99% of us as a matter of fact.  And it’s also a fact that many of us hate our jobs…Scott has created a $197 program to help you identify your passions and skills–and then take that information to the next level–transforming you into CEO of YOUInc, the much coveted level of successfully self-employed entrepreneur.  If your wallet is a bit slim after the holidays, no worries.  Check out Scott’s Live Your Legend site; you’ll find a variety of free tools that can get you off and running on your journey to being happily financially solvent as a self-employed entrepreneur.

The Desire Map

This is a multimedia success tool from Danielle LaPorte intended to focus you on success from the inside out (and not just for business)…what does your success feel like?  Interesting question!  A book–digital and old school paper; three months of email support, activity sheets and more for $170; this is perfect for the right brained success maven on the go and a must for all Danielle LaPorte fans!

Planner Pad

As many of you know, this is my personal favorite planner–personal and business life all in one book; gotta love it!  This planner is divided horizontally in three levels; a brain dump, daily list, timed appointment section, plus sections for expenses and a column to track your shopping list, or any other important info.  The Planner Pad comes in a variety of sizes and prices; click the link above to find the right type of Planner Pad for you.

The Right-Brain Business Plan

I’ve already talked about the importance of having a business plan for tax season 2012; the IRS has new ideas about ways to eliminate your business deductions and it all hinges on the viability of your business plan (see that post here).  While the book is available on Kindle, I recommend the paper version so that you have better access to the worksheets.  This book is for those of us whose heads spin whenever the topic of book keeping, financial statements or anything of a similar nature is mentioned.  Yes, your business planning in 2013 should include a business plan–go figure!


This tool is for the graphically challenged among us who also happen to a) have a limited budget and b) need Facebook fan page designs.  Not as fancy as your graphic designer or web genius ally, this will still get the job done for anywhere from free (not much with this offer though) to $33.25 per month.  Not bad and a great way to add some social oomph to your Facebook page!

I could go on, but that’s a lot to get you started.  Hopefully this list will reignite your New Year’s enthusiasm if it is waning and support you in knocking the proverbial ball out of the park if you’re ready to fly out of the starting gate.  And as a Twitter friend of mine posted on New Years day, may 2013 exceed your expectations!

Rich Blessings!


Got Tech Skills?

The Mastery Triangle


Greetings Friends!

A couple of posts back I talked about the Mastery Triangle–a visual tool for the skills needed to create a successful business; you can see the post here.  Most business people open up a business because they have a desire for increased personal freedom, better earning possibilities and the ability to make a positive difference in the world.  Michael Gerber, of E-Myth Revisited fame, burst that bubble by explaining that your training/expertise isn’t what will make you a successful entrepreneur.  Not exactly what an excited entrepreneur wants to hear, right?

The foundation of the Mastery Triangle is the place where most of us have a steep learning curve–SEO techniques, social media, blogging, email writing and the tech skills necessary to build landing pages and websites.  All of that might be enough to send a budding entrepreneur running back into the arms of corporate employment…unless they had an ace or two up their sleeves.

While the SEO was definitely a pain in the butt for me–most of the aforementioned necessities weren’t too bad–except for the doggone tech skills.  I am not a complete newb at techie things, but I hadn’t any experience in website building.   Yes, I knew what squeeze pages (aka landing pages) were, I just hadn’t any idea how to build them.  Today I am happy to share with you my ace/tech weapon–Forest Linden.  Forest is a tech whiz and an excellent teacher.  I wanted to learn to do the building of my websites to save costs as well as learn the technical ins and outs of getting products into the hands of my clients with as few frayed nerves as possible–enter my Tech Husband, Forest LInden.

Fortunately for you, Forest is sharing some great free training–and I am honored to be able to share it with you.  The training will only be up for a limited time, so click the link and check it out as soon as you can.

Rich Blessings!


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Life Hacking Super Ninja of Marketing

Speed Bump

Greetings Friends!

The Life Hacking Super Ninja of Marketing strikes again–surprise, I’ve made some changes!  I mentioned to you, my dear readers that I would be making a few changes–and as you can see, they have begun!  You might be wondering why I’m making changes now…well, the last quarter of the year is upon us and for many of us that means we have about 10 weeks to crank out success in whatever occupational or entrepreneurial projects now require completion.  I actually like to begin looking at the year ahead to help me determine which projects should be drop kicked over the goal post of life and which ones I truly want to work on as the year comes to a close.  I am intending to make changes in the way that I handle this blog too–in other words, bring you meatier material with fewer posts.  Fewer calories, but still quite filling, so to speak.

I’d like to thank the readers who have shared with me some of their challenges and thoughts about being in business for themselves.  What I’m hearing is that for many of you marketing is truly a bear to master–can’t argue with you there!  So, I will be interviewing entrepreneurs who have been in the trenches a bit longer and who have some juicy tips to share that will help you get your businesses moving a bit more quickly toward success.  Starting 22 October 2012 there will only be one blog post per week augmented by bi-monthly business newsletters with great tools and content to help you unravel the mysteries of business success, so be sure you sign up!  Hopefully you’ll find you need to run to fewer sources for information and that will give you more time to actually live–what a concept!  Ideally your business should give you the lifestyle you desire and not leave you feeling overwhelmed, underpaid or burnt out.

One of the tips I mentioned in this month’s Entrepreneur of the Month post included checking out the really savvy business tips from the book The Pumpkin Plan–which I highly recommend if you’ve taken on too much and have no idea where to trim back.  This book also has great ideas for you if you’re just starting out.  Perseverance is always in fashion for the entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start out with clear objectives to get you to your goals faster–so check out Mike’s book.

Secondly, I would like to encourage you to use the Resources page on this site for tools and tips to assist you over the speed bumps of business life.  In particular, I had a reader ask about how one makes mp3 recordings; you’ll find an affiliate link on the Resources page that includes a link to Audio Acrobat a service I use for producing my mp3s.  They also have tutorials to help you make use of their tools–everything from recording with your webcam to recording audio interviews, uploading and then converting them to an mp3 format.  I use the services of Totally Free Conference Calls to record my interviews, by the way and then I use Audio Acrobat to create my links to share them in mp3 form.  Lately I’ve also started using Sound Studio to tweak my recordings as needed.

I think Fall is a great time for looking at how far you’ve come during the year, but it’s also important to keep an eye out on where you want to travel in the year to come.  If there are any tools, tips or challenges you’d like help with just leave a comment below and I will include information on your topic as soon as I can.

Rich Blessings!


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September 2012 Favorites

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Greetings Friends!

I hope you enjoyed the Entrepreneur of the Month interview with Pip Miller last week; if you missed it, you can check it out here.  Pip raised an issue that challenges so many entrepreneurs online and off; how do you get your audience to engage with you?  With that in mind, I’m looking at transforming the way I offer information to you–less ‘stuff’ arriving in your inbox from me, yet more responsive to your needs.  I’ll be making some announcements about those changes soon, but for now I thought I’d share some of the things I found extremely helpful to my social media, writing and blogging work for September.  So let’s dive right in!

Tribal Author

Most of you know that I’m a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte and her Big Beautiful Book Plan (affiliate link) and I am also a big fan of Jonathan Fields–another teacher of great publishing information.  If you’ve got a book in you, this is your time, but you’re going to want to do it right.  You can no longer expect to write your book and have a publisher do the marketing for you–in fact, you don’t even need a publisher.  Click the Tribal Author link above and let Jonathan tell you more about what you need to know to become a successful, best selling author or click the Big Beautiful Book Plan link to take a look at what Danielle LaPorte offers.  And just for total transparency, Danielle’s material is the one I personally chose to work with.


This app makes my inner geek so happy it’s just insane; imagine a made to order magazine with only the input you want and you’ve got Flipboard.  Now, true confession, I was the kid who would lie awake at night, under the sheets with a flashlight reading a book I just couldn’t put down.  Things haven’t changed much, except that I’ve abandoned the flashlight for an iPhone and I spend the last 15 minutes or so each night flipping through my favorite news venues–without a computer, a book or newspaper.  I favorite some news items and share others immediately via my social media accounts.  And then in the morning I take some of my favorites from the night before and share them on more of my social media sites.  This app is available for Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Nook, so there’s bound to be an app for your phone or tablet that’s just right for you.  And you’ve got tons of news choices to pick from–House Beautiful, the New York Times, Life Hacker, your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ accounts–and much more, all on one app.  If you’re leading a busy life–or even if you’ve got time to burn, I highly recommend Flipboard (and welcome to the news of the future)!


As much as I love Flipboard, this is probably my favorite ‘thing’ from September.  I think of it as crack for the eyes; beautiful photos of everything from home decor, to great fashion, even elegantly photographed food.  You might wonder what this has to do with business; well have you noticed that many articles online are starting to add photos and a Pinterest button for social sharing?  You can find out about practically anything you want to on Pinterest from astrology to zoology.

Think of the possibilities!  You can provide great content in your area of expertise, people get to know and trust you–and you can introduce them to your blog, website, products or services all while they browse these elegantly laid out photos and articles.  If you click the Pinterest link above it will take you to all of my pinterest boards; if you’d like to see only my business board, just click here for some great articles and inspiration.  And for even more fabulous tips on how to use Pinterest, click here.

Now this last item isn’t strictly business, it’s more about the business of taking care of you.  Some of you might have noticed that on Saturdays I put up meditation videos or something from Deepak Chopra’s channel on YouTube.  As much as I love my business, I am insanely busy and I think perhaps it’s a sign of our times not to have any time.  So, now you haven’t any excuse.  You can check out meditations or thought provoking videos to help you reframe and rebalance your life, right here.  I hope you enjoy them and maybe even subscribe to some of the channels I share here.

Want more savvy business tips?  Sign up here for the LAGirl13 business newsletter!  And with that, I’m going to call it a wrap.  Have a great week and…

Rich Blessings!


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Social Media–Do More!

Social Media


Greetings Friends!

We’re fast coming up on the end of September–how the heck did that happen?!  So I thought I’d share a few of the resources available on this blog before we hop into a new month–in case you’re new or just haven’t checked me out yet.  First, you can sign up for the LAGirl13 business newsletter here; it’s bi-weekly and in it I share some of the tips and articles I’ve found interesting for the up and coming entrepreneur.  Secondly, you can check out the Entrepreneur of the Month piece for September; if you’re interested in being interviewed as an Entrepreneur of the Month for this blog, leave me a comment and I’ll touch bases with you!  I like the idea of creating a business magazine feel with this blog, so there are interviews with entrepreneurs, a resource page with some of my favorite tools and even a weekly meditation.  Who is more likely to need some self-care than an extremely busy entrepreneur in the trenches trying to build their business?  So here you have a one stop shop, if you will, of tools, tips and information to assist you on you journey 😉

One of the things that I put on the Resources page was PJ Van Hulle’s ‘Listapalooza’ program; 90-days to 10,000 fans.  Well, I didn’t get 10,000 fans, but I did garner quite a few more people on my astrology blog and the various social media sites that I participate on.  My business is rapidly growing and I have found disorganization is deadly, not to mention very frustrating to deal with.  Hopefully you’ve chosen a niche in an area of expertise that you love.  And if you didn’t get organized before you chose your niche, I highly suggest you make that your next priority.

Probably the biggest take away I received from the Listapalooza experience is that at this stage of my business I have to do more, not less, social media work.  I’m cultivating content for the newsletter, this blog, Twitter and Facebook–and that means at least an hour a day.  If you have begun to slow down on your social media work or your blogging, you might want to move to doing strictly a newsletter–not a newsletter and a blog.  A blog is a three day a week deal, at the very least.  You only need to do a newsletter twice a month–the rest of the time can be spent on gathering high quality social media content.

Speaking of social media, I have to admit my latest guilty pleasure is Pinterest; if you’re already there, please come visit my boards.  If you haven’t joined, you might want to check it out–it’s the most fun I have had with social media–ever.  It was a bit hard to figure out though–lots of fun, so how does this relate to my business exactly?  Well, you can check out my business and astrology board to get some ideas of how I am using Pinterest now.  I had a failed attempt earlier in the year and took everything down.  Now I’m adding content from my core areas of expertise to boards so that people can use them to get great info on things like health, astrology or business.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work–it is.  If you’re hoping to do your business full time at some point, be prepared for your business workload to grow as you approach that full time marker.  Be willing to do more to have more–remember you’re building your way to a better quality life.  And you’re worth it!

Rich Blessings!



Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog!


Greetings Friends!

I know I said eat that frog to begin this post–a title borrowed from Brian Tracy, business guru par excellent, but I really prefer to just say I hate brussel sprouts.  I’m not a real picky eater, but I really don’t like bs (short for brussel sprouts) even a smidge.  You can imagine where this is headed, no?  Whether you hate brussel sprouts or anything else, I’m really discussing doing the things in your life that are best for you in the long run.  In this case, let’s discuss what’s best for your business as a successful entrepreneur.

You can run your business in an off the cuff manner, but I guarantee you that will catch up with you.  If you’re taking it easy and someone asks you what programs you’re running, how much they cost, if you have a website or can they have a copy of your bio–you want to be ready.  You want to look as professional as you can irregardless of how successful you are (or aren’t) or how long you have been at it.   So…

Have some business cards made that are professional in their appearance (read sharp looking); give your contact info (including website), blog, etc., if you have one, your title and any other pertinent info you’d like to share with a potential client.

Keep a list of the things you need to do–preferably in your planner and make the ‘frogs’ or ‘brussel sprouts’ your first priority.  Why?  Because if they scare you or you don’t like doing them, you’ll procrastinate; put them up to bat first,  finish up and you’ll feel like a million bucks as you move through the rest of your day.

Show up consistently in your blogging, social media and newsletter work so that your ‘tribe’ a) can find you and b) grow to trust you.  No one wants a doctor who is only in his office when he feels like it.

Take a look at this list of valuable ideas to help you do what you do with more panache.  Denise Wakeman put together a virtual blogging experience to encourage her tribe to be more prolific at their writing; here you’ll find a list of valuable tips and tools to help you with your blogging as well.  You’re probably familiar with that sinking feeling when you have to turn out yet another piece of blogging or newsletter brilliance–so here’s some help!

Need more great tips? Don’t forget to sign up for my bi-monthly business tips here.

Lastly, though I may hate brussel sprouts, if you offer them to me I will eat them.  And when it comes to frogs, I do what Brian Tracy recommends–I eat them first!  You can’t imagine how good it feels to be in control of yourself and your business–then again maybe you can!  And if so, kudos to you!

Rich Blessings!


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I am an Entrepreneurial Geek

Greetings Friends!

I have spent the majority of the day rolling through emails, YouTube videos and PDF’s hunting for new shiny toys to play with.  It was with a bit of dismay and shock that I realized I was up so late doing something that–OMG, I enjoy!  No wonder I didn’t go to bed!  I am a modern hunter-gatherer with OCD tendencies fueled by the need to find better ways to tweet, have my Facebook posts actually show up for the people who asked to see them and last, but not least–bring all of you new ways to do your thing faster.  Okay, I admit it, I’m weird–but for me this is–well, fun.

Last Tuesday I finished my writing by 5:00 PM–I was so proud of me; this week I didn’t even get close to that.  Oh well, it was worth it, I learned about several new things that can help me with my social media and blog content requirements.  And I hope you find some of them useful too!  So without further ado…

Need more content?  Try the online version of Hootsuite; while I couldn’t get by without my iPhone version (trust me, when it crashed a month ago and I was without it for a week, I learned how sadly true that statement is), I create new streams for the variety of topics I blog about or that my followers might find helpful; I can pick interesting pieces to retweet and fill my Twitter feed for days–and they have added a feature that picks the best time to send out your tweets!

Try using Buffer to schedule out a weeks worth of posts on Facebook or Twitter.  This is a great tool for those times on Facebook when you find lots of great things you’d like to share, but don’t want to overwhelm your audience.  There is a premium version for most of these tools, but you don’t have to break the bank or your budget.  I find the free versions work well enough for my needs, at least for now.  You can add a Buffer app to your browser or Facebook page and add content directly to your feed stream (my inner geek is extremely pleased with this):

Tweriod takes buffer to a whole other level by evaluating your peek times for sending out tweets.  The social media game is refining itself by the second.  So now you can not only tweet, but you can do so at peek hours, when more of your followers have a chance of reading your posts:

And last, but not least, my favorite new shiny thing is AllTop; created by Guy Kawasaki, this tool literally allows you to gather input from all over the internet on subjects of interest to you (or your followers).  You can go through the various topics and feed the information into Hootsuite, Buffer or Twitter and fill up your social media streams without breaking a sweat.  That definitely works for me.  Check out my AllTop page here:

They say if your work is something you love, you’ll never work again.  I may not be there yet, but I’m pretty darn close!  I hope some of these new tools help you get closer to ‘never working again’ too.

Rich Blessings!


Facebook & ROI Tips

Greetings Friends!

If you’re anything like me you probably spend a lot of time with social media networking.  It’s fun and it can fill up time, but that’s not really what you’re after as an entrepreneur–what you’re after are more clients, more raving fans and being able to serve more people.

There are a lot of tasks for the entrepreneur to tend to, from planning your marketing and social media campaigns, to blog, ezine and article writing; you really need to stay on top of how much time you’re investing in these media sites and your return on investment in order to get the biggest bang for your efforts.

While you can meet great people and enjoy yourself immensely, if you’re not drumming up business you are definitely not investing your time and energy wisely and if you work alone it is an extremely costly error.  With some careful planning you should reach a point in the development of your business where you have regular business hours and are done by, say 5:00 PM–rather than allowing your business to (over) run your life.

To get a better return on your investment try these tips:

  • Be sure to do a SEO check before you create a new website, blog  piece or article ( is my favorite).
  • Make sure your topic has at least six figures worth of interest per month and under $3.00 in pay per click to keep it profitable.
  • Read books or take courses to keep up to date in what’s going on–particularly on Facebook; the social media sites seem to roll out new changes weekly, so stay in the know.
  • Check out the information in this webinar by Mari Smith, the Pied Piper of Facebook for the latest lowdown
  • Use a site like to keep track of the click through rate on your links; knowing what your audience likes an doesn’t like helps you to know what to get rid of and what to keep.

As the business of doing business online becomes more complicated it will be really important for the savvy entrepreneur to stay on the leading edge of thought.  Doing so will allow you to determine where you get your biggest ROI and where you can trim back your time and effort, while still securing your desired end result (like ending your work day no later than 5:00 PM).

Rich Blessings!


Mastering Social Media

There’s no doubt about it, building a successful business these days requires a lot of focus in some key areas–social media being a really big one.  I recently talked about Google Plus, but it’s just one of many areas of concern that the trail blazing solopreneur/entrepreneur will need to stay informed about.

Why bother, you might ask.  I do my thing on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve got my blog and my website full of widgets–aren’t I done?  Unfortunately, probably not.

Your customers are getting more tech savvy by the second.  Apple with its incredible gadgets has created tablet, notebook and smart phone users who can look for you anywhere–and you not only want them to find you, but be able to do so (and share with their buddies) without having to hunt down or deal with an application that is non-functional or hard to find on your site.

Some of the things you can do:

  • See if one of your kids (or their college age buddies) is tech savvy enough to keep you abreast of the latest changes–you get off cheaply this way!
  • Check with to get some (hopefully) inexpensive tech help with your social media work.
  • Or check out the e-book Facebook Fame by Laura Roeder if you’re a do it yourselfer who just wants to get their toes wet.

I recently heard a large groan from entrepreneurs on Facebook–apparently Facebook’s latest page change is already lined up for some new changes (the paint isn’t even dry from the last change guys!); but you can stay ahead of the game.  Check out these great tips and keep it rolling!

Rich Blessings!