Business Success; Filling Your Funnel


Greetings Friends!

I’m enjoying the end of a comfortable day doing business coaching from my home (I love the 10 second commute to my living room).  I coach women entrepreneurs, most of whom have businesses in the spiritual or metaphysical arts and that makes sense, since that’s what I do too.   Between caring for families, a primary job and developing a successful business, what most of them want is the freedom to work full time from their homes doing something that they love while earning a great living.  Sounds like Wonder Woman, doesn’t it?  Some even want to be able to take their businesses on the road; have business will travel!  The gap between where they are and what they want–well, that’s what the coaching is for.  And oh yes, I have a coach too…how about you?

Coaching can help you get clear about your objectives, your weak spots, and hold you accountable for meeting your goals (especially during the period when you’re developing new skills and habits).  Nearly all business owners suffer from the same challenge…how do we fill our funnel?  The answer is both easy and a challenge, especially for those business women who are at war with themselves.  What do I mean?   There are some who are suffering from career burnout; these are women who are excellent at what they do, but need to make the leap from being in the trenches doing the work to teaching the up and comers in their field how business is done.  They would probably rather do anything other than that which they’ve developed as a core expertise.

Next we have the people who love what they do, but it’s woo-woo and their anxiety has to do with whether or not it’s even possible to sell woo-woo.  Trust me their are lots of folks out there making good money selling woo-woo.  So if your particular fear has to do with that, buckle down on business basics and check my Resources page for additional tools to help you with sales doubt and fear.

Ultimately though, the trick to creating a business that you love is having a business model that provides not only a full funnel, but a lifestyle to match your business vision.  Here are some of the things you can do to fill your funnel:

  • Blog–yes, create content and share your journey, tips, ups, downs etc., to a regular audience of followers.  Pick a regular time/day and show up like clock work so people learn they can trust you.
  • Teleseminars (or webinars)–do a monthly training call or interview with an expert in your field and make sure people have to sign up to access the training!  Give great content to your listeners while you’re building your list.
  • Workshops are another great way for people to interact with you and learn how amazing you are at what you have to offer.  Be sure to capture email addresses and make a special offer so that people can learn more about your products and services.
  • Share content on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest so that people get a taste of what you have to offer…and then offer them…
  • A free white paper on an important topic in your industry.  Of course they have to sign up to get the paper–just make sure it’s worth their time.  Make the report juicy enough that when you roll out your program or product you have folks practically drooling for more!

And don’t forget LinkedIn–even if what you do is woo-woo.  Get in the habit of helping others solve their problems.  Ask questions, join groups, or start a group; once you do, you can expand your audience, fill your funnel, sell a book or product and get back to living that life you designed when you first tip toed out onto the business playing field.  You have skills that someone needs–and if you need help whipping your business dreams into shape, check here for information about my coaching program.

You’ve already done the hard work, you’ve acquired the skills for your industry.  Match it with marketing expertise, a dash of courage and you’ll be able to fill your funnel whenever you need to.

Rich Blessings!


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Entrepreneur of the Month – December 2012


Greetings Friends!

This month I’m excited to share with you Shanthi, our Entrepreneur of the Month for December 2012.  Shanthi (whose name means peace) is a dancer, Interactive Storyteller, Vegan Yogic Chef and Yoga Master (Yogini) born and raised in India, the birthplace of Yoga and  Yogic culture.   Shanthi is unique in that she has studied Yoga philosophy, practices and dance from an early age from many enlightened Gurus in India–including her father.  She presents dance performances where she captivates the young and the old with her interactive storytelling via dance and yoga.  Shanthi has seen phenomenal client results such as complete healing of back ache, depression, coping with loss, recovery from near death situations, transformation of eating habits, regaining self-esteem, healing relationships and managing highly stressful situations with ease.  Shanthi is now focusing on producing a home-study program where her clients will be exposed to the fundamentals of the Ancient Yoga and simple Yoga practices they can learn through video and can do anywhere on their own with confidence.  See the link above for the interview with Shanthi and learn more about her from her website:

I’d also like to share some cool new tools for your success starting with something to jazz up your video presentations.  If your business model includes promoting or teaching via video you may find you have a variety of challenges in putting together a video of sufficient quality to share with your community.  If so, check out PowToon, an excellent way for those of us who are artistically challenged to put together a video with panache–not to mention pizazz!  If you’re camera shy or lack the equipment to mount a full court video press, your worries are now over!

And for those of you who know you want to take your life or your business to the next level, but are a bit confused (or even overwhelmed) about the details of making that happen, I’d like to share Live Your Legend with you!  The site owner, Scott Dinsmore has a personal goal of setting the wage slaves who hate their job free.  While being an entrepreneur has an aura of excitement and prosperity to it, the actual grunt work can leave a person confused and disheartened–Scotts’s site is the antidote to both maladies, so check him out!

My last cool tool is which I’ve shared before, but I’m bringing it around again for two reasons.  The first reason is that I love having a tool that makes my Tweets have a longer shelf life–which this tool does brilliantly!  I also like how Twylah does the sorting for you, so someone new to you and what you offer can see a broad spectrum of Tweeted material–and dive in to what works best for them.  The power Tweet is one of my favorite tools; it allows the user to not only tweet on a particular topic, but when someone clicks on your tweet they will see a list of similar tweets–all from you, on the same topic (and of course visitors are given the opportunity to follow you on Twitter–sweet!).  Twylah is still in its beta phase, but I see no reason why you shouldn’t check it out and take advantage of its abilities to give your Tweets more staying power.

Now, if you’re on Pinterest–do come and check out my pins for business where I keep additional resources!  And of course there is the LAGirl13 ezine that offers bi-monthly tips to help you stay on track for business success!

I think that’s going to do it for now–wishing you an easy, breezy, successful December 2012!

Rich Blessings!


September 2012 Favorites

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Greetings Friends!

I hope you enjoyed the Entrepreneur of the Month interview with Pip Miller last week; if you missed it, you can check it out here.  Pip raised an issue that challenges so many entrepreneurs online and off; how do you get your audience to engage with you?  With that in mind, I’m looking at transforming the way I offer information to you–less ‘stuff’ arriving in your inbox from me, yet more responsive to your needs.  I’ll be making some announcements about those changes soon, but for now I thought I’d share some of the things I found extremely helpful to my social media, writing and blogging work for September.  So let’s dive right in!

Tribal Author

Most of you know that I’m a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte and her Big Beautiful Book Plan (affiliate link) and I am also a big fan of Jonathan Fields–another teacher of great publishing information.  If you’ve got a book in you, this is your time, but you’re going to want to do it right.  You can no longer expect to write your book and have a publisher do the marketing for you–in fact, you don’t even need a publisher.  Click the Tribal Author link above and let Jonathan tell you more about what you need to know to become a successful, best selling author or click the Big Beautiful Book Plan link to take a look at what Danielle LaPorte offers.  And just for total transparency, Danielle’s material is the one I personally chose to work with.


This app makes my inner geek so happy it’s just insane; imagine a made to order magazine with only the input you want and you’ve got Flipboard.  Now, true confession, I was the kid who would lie awake at night, under the sheets with a flashlight reading a book I just couldn’t put down.  Things haven’t changed much, except that I’ve abandoned the flashlight for an iPhone and I spend the last 15 minutes or so each night flipping through my favorite news venues–without a computer, a book or newspaper.  I favorite some news items and share others immediately via my social media accounts.  And then in the morning I take some of my favorites from the night before and share them on more of my social media sites.  This app is available for Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Nook, so there’s bound to be an app for your phone or tablet that’s just right for you.  And you’ve got tons of news choices to pick from–House Beautiful, the New York Times, Life Hacker, your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ accounts–and much more, all on one app.  If you’re leading a busy life–or even if you’ve got time to burn, I highly recommend Flipboard (and welcome to the news of the future)!


As much as I love Flipboard, this is probably my favorite ‘thing’ from September.  I think of it as crack for the eyes; beautiful photos of everything from home decor, to great fashion, even elegantly photographed food.  You might wonder what this has to do with business; well have you noticed that many articles online are starting to add photos and a Pinterest button for social sharing?  You can find out about practically anything you want to on Pinterest from astrology to zoology.

Think of the possibilities!  You can provide great content in your area of expertise, people get to know and trust you–and you can introduce them to your blog, website, products or services all while they browse these elegantly laid out photos and articles.  If you click the Pinterest link above it will take you to all of my pinterest boards; if you’d like to see only my business board, just click here for some great articles and inspiration.  And for even more fabulous tips on how to use Pinterest, click here.

Now this last item isn’t strictly business, it’s more about the business of taking care of you.  Some of you might have noticed that on Saturdays I put up meditation videos or something from Deepak Chopra’s channel on YouTube.  As much as I love my business, I am insanely busy and I think perhaps it’s a sign of our times not to have any time.  So, now you haven’t any excuse.  You can check out meditations or thought provoking videos to help you reframe and rebalance your life, right here.  I hope you enjoy them and maybe even subscribe to some of the channels I share here.

Want more savvy business tips?  Sign up here for the LAGirl13 business newsletter!  And with that, I’m going to call it a wrap.  Have a great week and…

Rich Blessings!


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Social Media–Do More!

Social Media


Greetings Friends!

We’re fast coming up on the end of September–how the heck did that happen?!  So I thought I’d share a few of the resources available on this blog before we hop into a new month–in case you’re new or just haven’t checked me out yet.  First, you can sign up for the LAGirl13 business newsletter here; it’s bi-weekly and in it I share some of the tips and articles I’ve found interesting for the up and coming entrepreneur.  Secondly, you can check out the Entrepreneur of the Month piece for September; if you’re interested in being interviewed as an Entrepreneur of the Month for this blog, leave me a comment and I’ll touch bases with you!  I like the idea of creating a business magazine feel with this blog, so there are interviews with entrepreneurs, a resource page with some of my favorite tools and even a weekly meditation.  Who is more likely to need some self-care than an extremely busy entrepreneur in the trenches trying to build their business?  So here you have a one stop shop, if you will, of tools, tips and information to assist you on you journey 😉

One of the things that I put on the Resources page was PJ Van Hulle’s ‘Listapalooza’ program; 90-days to 10,000 fans.  Well, I didn’t get 10,000 fans, but I did garner quite a few more people on my astrology blog and the various social media sites that I participate on.  My business is rapidly growing and I have found disorganization is deadly, not to mention very frustrating to deal with.  Hopefully you’ve chosen a niche in an area of expertise that you love.  And if you didn’t get organized before you chose your niche, I highly suggest you make that your next priority.

Probably the biggest take away I received from the Listapalooza experience is that at this stage of my business I have to do more, not less, social media work.  I’m cultivating content for the newsletter, this blog, Twitter and Facebook–and that means at least an hour a day.  If you have begun to slow down on your social media work or your blogging, you might want to move to doing strictly a newsletter–not a newsletter and a blog.  A blog is a three day a week deal, at the very least.  You only need to do a newsletter twice a month–the rest of the time can be spent on gathering high quality social media content.

Speaking of social media, I have to admit my latest guilty pleasure is Pinterest; if you’re already there, please come visit my boards.  If you haven’t joined, you might want to check it out–it’s the most fun I have had with social media–ever.  It was a bit hard to figure out though–lots of fun, so how does this relate to my business exactly?  Well, you can check out my business and astrology board to get some ideas of how I am using Pinterest now.  I had a failed attempt earlier in the year and took everything down.  Now I’m adding content from my core areas of expertise to boards so that people can use them to get great info on things like health, astrology or business.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work–it is.  If you’re hoping to do your business full time at some point, be prepared for your business workload to grow as you approach that full time marker.  Be willing to do more to have more–remember you’re building your way to a better quality life.  And you’re worth it!

Rich Blessings!



Your Book, Biz & SEO


Greetings Friends!

One of the (new) jobs for an aspiring writer or entrepreneur is figuring out how to find your community, tribe, or audience in the cyber world–pick which ever description works best for you.  If they can’t find you, you’re as good as dead before the game even begins.  As tempting as it is to say the hunger games…I won’t.  Okay, moving right along…

Anyway, we have apparently become a search engine optimized planet.  If my toe bothers me I can look up symptoms, holistic alternatives to pharmaceuticals and who (in my local area) can treat my affliction.  Which is very cool–and also where your work begins.

When you’re choosing that start up or catchy book title (and subject)–look it up.  You can use Google adwords or keywordspy to find out how many people want what you desire to offer.  If people aren’t snapping up your goods it’s probably one of a few reasons:

  • Your numbers are low for number of people searching (per month) on your topic
  • Your site name doesn’t include a power keyword (or two or three)–remember to speak the language of your audience so that they can find you (in blogs, on your site, ezines, etc.).  They are looking for you, so don’t make it hard for them to find you!
  • You may still be in a building phase–it can take a couple of years to build up sufficient numbers of people who follow you (yes, patience is required) before you have a knock out launch or can convince that literary agent to sign you.  But there are other things you can do…like join forces with other entrepreneurs and share your audiences.  You can also look for places where your tribe hangs out in the real world–if you’re a beauty blogger you might want to hold a workshop at a local mall, for example, (be sure to advertise sufficiently beforehand). Meetups in the real word are popular!
  • Once you find your tribe, use social media tools to help you bring your tribe great content on an ongoing basis–and here are some great ones to help you do just that

Search engine optimization is the way business gets done now, take advantage of it so that you can sell that book proposal, fill your coaching programs and sell your products.  That’s why you went into business, right (or stayed up late to write that book)?  And if you’re still feeling stuck, check out my resources page for tools to help you get out of your rut!

Rich Blessings!



Social Media & You

So, you’ve written your blog piece.  You’ve edited it to pieces and it’s perfect.  Now what?  Well, you probably push the publish button (or schedule the piece to be published later) and then sit back and relax with a long contented sigh.

Well, that may not be the best way to run your social media campaigns.  Check out this piece form Laura Roeder who explains how successful entrepreneurs handle their social media campaigns (and check out the bonuses she’s offering while you’re at it)

Rich Blessings!